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Lord Oxburgh of Globe International to Report

The BBC reports that Lord Oxburgh of Globe International is to report his report on CRU science, perhaps tomorrow. The panel was first announced on March 22, 2010 – see here. No terms of reference were disclosed then, nor, to my knowledge, have they been disclosed subsequently. Harrabin says that “members of the panel are […]

Oxburgh and Davies

Remember how Geoffrey Boulton tied himself into knots about his connections to the UEA and the climate science community. Now the emboldened Trevor Davies isn’t even bothering. Alert readers at CA here and at Bishop Hill’s spotted the following 2006 picture of Oxburgh (3rd from right) with Davies (far right). Caption: Lord Oxburgh and the […]

Globe International

Andrew Montford(Bishop Hill) and Andrew Orlowski of the Register quickly pointed out that Oxburgh failed to disclose that he was UK Vice Chair of Globe International. Bishop Hill reports that Oxburgh is one of four directors of the company. Globe International is an off-balance sheet “private company” funded predominantly by governments and NGOs. As a […]

Another Tainted Inquiry

Back online from a short hiatus in blogging (see comment below.) It’s pretty discouraging that yet another inquiry is tainted by the selection of their panel. The University of East Anglia, seemingly emboldened by getting away with Geoffrey Boulton’s appointment to the ethics panel, have become much bolder in choosing the science panel.