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New Paper from Mann, Rutherford, Wahl and Ammann

I’ve just been informed that a new paper is ‘in press’ snappily called "Testing the Fidelity of Methods used in Proxy-based Reconstructions of Past Climate", by Mann M.E., Rutherford S., Wahl E., Ammann C. It is due to be published in "Journal of Climate". If anyone can get a copy of this paper, then let […]

Errors Matter #2: the "Different" Method of Rutherford et al [2005]

Yesterday in Errors Matter #1, I argued that any new reconstruction now proposed by Mann et al. as a means of salvaging MBH98-type results has to also meet the representations and warranties of MBH98 used to induce widespread acceptance. I showed that the no-PC reconstruction recently proposed by Mann et al. as a way of […]

Rutherford et al [Journal of Climate 2004]

[Climate Audit was started on Jan 31, 2005. Prior to its startup I had some notes at a prior website http://www.climate2003.com, which John A transferred to the CA blog at its start-up.] The Dec. 4 post “False Claims” refers to an article by Mann and his associates [Rutherford et al. 2004], supposedly discrediting our work. […]