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Mannian CPS: Stupid Pet Tricks

David Letterman sometimes has a segment entitled “Stupid Pet Tricks”, which is an apt title for today’s post – more parsing of Mannian CPS, recently discussed here. With helpful contributions from Jean S, UC and Roman M, I can now pretty much replicate Mannian CPS, but only through a variety of devices that fall into […]

MBH98 Source Code: Status Report

I reported recently on that the recently archived (July 2005) source code multiproxy.f shows that the cross-validation R2 statistic was calculated and not reported. Today, I’m merely going to summarize some collation details from my inspection of the code, listing input files, output files and providing a lexicon of variables. The source code requires a […]

MBH98 Source Code: Cross-validation R2

Mann has just(July 2005) archived a fortran program at ftp://holocene.evsc.virginia.edu/pub/MANNETAL98/METHODS/multiproxy.f. {Update: see here] Here are my first thoughts on this.