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Squash Doubles News :)

And now for something really important 🙂 The new holders of the coveted Canadian squash doubles over-60 championships are Brian Murray and Stephen McIntyre of Toronto defeating John Brazilian and Malcolm Davidson of Boston in the final, held at the Atwater Club in Montreal.

CanAm 2010 Squash Doubles

I’m playing in the 60+ division of the 2010 USA vs. Canada in Squash Doubles this weekend. (US notice here.) I qualified for the Canadian team on last year’s 60+ tournaments (finals of the Canadians, semis of the US and won the Ontario.) Tournament website says: The 2nd playing of the Can-Am Cup Squash Doubles […]

Doubles Squash Profiled

A lengthy feature on doubles squash in today’s Globe and Mail. It’s such a great sport. The match discussed here was at our club’s finals night. For Toronto readers, in the print edition of the paper, they had a wide-angle photo of the spectators in the gallery – I’m just at the edge of the […]

Badminton & Racquet Club Pro-AM

My squash club has wonderful squash doubles pro-am that runs over the first few weeks of February. The pro at our club, Eric Baldwin, does a great job organizing and it is well supported by the pros around Toronto, which is an very active squash community. Jonathon Power is now a member, as is Gary […]