Journal Submissions on MM05

So far there have been 4 Comments submitted to GRL on our paper, including Wahl and Amman which is 4th in the queue, plus the WA submission to Climatic Change. Se we’re being noticed. The GRL format for a Comment is 50% of the length of the original article, with an equal length allocated to the Reply. In each case, we have been invited to reply. So there’s a lot of aftermarket work dealing with this deluge of comment. It’s curious that the climate science community has suddenly discovered due diligence. Too bad that similar energy didn’t go into verifying MBH98 in the first place. Nobody’s submitted anything that IMHO lays a glove on our findings or that hasn’t been anticipated in some form. Michael Jankowski in a comment here pointed out one such example where we had anticipated and reported on statistical insignificance, a matter which Ammann and Wahl go on and on about without acknowledging our prior findings.

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