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A Hole in the Map

Here’s an interesting map of tropical salinity from Stott et al 2004. If you were Louis Hissink or a mining geologist looking at this map, you’d be interested in a core in the salinity bulls-eye at 120W and 20S. I haven’t been able to locate any relevant ocean sediment cores in this bullseye area (but […]

Briffa et al 2001 – More on Divergence

After several years of trying, Briffa and Osborn have finally listed the sites used in Briffa et al 2001 and related publications. Briffa had reported results on large networks of over 300 sites collected by Schweingruber. Schweingruber had archived over 400 sites at WDCP. However, it was impossible to tell exactly which sites had been […]

Holland and Webster Figure 1

Holland and Webster stated the following: Figure 1 shows a strong statistically significant trend since the 1970s similar to that found by Hoyos et al. (2006) and Curry et al. (2006.) I’ve replicated the hurricane part of their Figure and included 2006 data as they should have – it’s amazes me that authors don’t make […]

Updated Hurricane Data

I’ve re-collated the hurricane track data from and similar tables, updating my earlier collations. I’ve saved these collations in ascii form in the directory*.txt using the following nomenclature hurricane.ATL.txt and Track.ATL.txt with other basins being denoted WPAC,EPAC,SH, NIO and SPAC. The unisys data contains collated “Best Tracks” information up to 2003-2005 depending on […]

Dasuopu at Google Earth

Google Earth really has some marvellous images. At the AGU convention, there were a number of exhibits showing sophisticated applications. I haven’t figured out any sophisticated applications, but I’ve enjoyed locating some of the sites discussed here on Google Earth. Today I’ve located the Dasuopu glacier and compared Google Earth to a sketch from Thompson’s […]


This is a successor thread to unthreaded comments on Road Map (retrievable here). Continued here.

The MWP in the Warm Pool

You may recall Hansen’s strange splice of modern instrumental records with a Mg/Ca SST proxy ending in 4320 BP based on a partially dissolved core.’ A couple of months ago, I mentioned a new paper by Newton et al (including L Stott) with a high Warm Pool MWP and briefly discussed Netwon’s presentation at AGU […]

New Holland and Webster Paper

A new Holland and Webster paper is here. Some discussion already started on this thread Update: Judith Curry sent in the following data file

Merry Christmas

This is the 2nd Christmas for climateaudit. Right now I feel like I’ve probably more got more posts to write than I did when I started. And AR4 hasn’t hit the presses yet. We’re probably going to hear more next year about 12,000 years than 1,000 years – so there’s going to be lots to […] back in operation

Dear CA readers and commenters, I am happy to welcome you back after our short hiatus. This should be the last downtime until the next time. I apologize for the delay, which was due to a clerical error between myself and the webhost which left us unaware that we were still using the old shared […]