Collation of Proxy Data

I’ve added a “page” – see left column – with links to various proxy data collations that I’ve archived here. I’ll try to archive some read scripts at some point.

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  1. James Erlandson
    Posted Dec 5, 2006 at 5:49 PM | Permalink

    Data availability and access has been a hot topic on CA since its inception. Readers may be interested in Swivel, a company that describes itself as “YouTube for data.”
    From TechCrunch:

    Academic types are going to go nuts over this. I spent a summer in college running regression analysis models on economic data. Being able to simply upload data to Swivel and then begin to slice and dice the data would have saved a lot of time. And being able to compare our data to what others were doing in related fields could have yielded results that we would never have aimed for. Big companies, small companies, thinktanks and non-classified government organizations are going to be similarly dazzled.

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