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SPM4 Preview: The Hockey Stick Lives

Andrew Weaver in an article here says of the SPM: “This isn’t a smoking gun; climate is a batallion of intergalactic smoking missiles.” Wow. Even better than Space Invaders. There was a big front page preview of the SPM in the Toronto Globe and Mail today here all of which is worth reading, but for […]

Inconvenient Graphic

We’ve all become rather used to graphs looking like the one that I’ve drawn below (other than the horizontal blue line that I will explain later). This, together with the corresponding graph of CO2 levels, is almost certainly same as Gore’s graphic on page 66 of Inconvenient Truth. I’ll bet dollars-to-doughnuts that some variation of […]

HadCRU and Rumsfeld [2004]

Wegman observed last summer that climate scientists failed to involve statisticians to an appropriate degree in the work. Yesterday Simon Tett drew our attention to Brohan et al 2006 as an explanation of uncertainties in HadCRU3. Brohan et al, of which Tett is a coauthor, used the prominent statistician, Donald Rumsfeld, as an authority for […]

Unthreaded #3

Continuation of More Unthreaded.

Emanuel Article

A thoughtful article by Kerry Emanuel on overall AGW issues here.

HadCru Temperature

IPCC AR4 is going to report that the difference between present temperature and late 19th temperatures is about 0.8 deg C, as opposed to the 0.6 deg C in TAR. This difference seemed a little higher to me than temperature changes from 2000 to 2005 (the last reported years in the respective reports) and I […]

Fixing the Facts to the Policy

As noted in a prior post, only IPCC insiders have access to the WG1 Report between the Feb 2, 2007 release of the Summary for Policy-Makers and the scheduled publication of the WG1 Report in May 2007. To my knowledge, such a procedure is unprecedented in public commission reporting. In searching for an explanation of […]

Reading HadCRUT3 Data

A reader inquired about downloading HAdCRUT3 data. I’ve posted up a recipe here .  You will have to download the *.nc version – see the url in the script details and also install the ncdf package in R. I have not worked much with NetCDF formats, but it seems to be pretty easy to […]

IPCC Schedule: WG1 Report Available Only to Insiders Until May 2007

I was mulling over the IPCC release schedule, which has a procedure that is, shall we say, unprecedented in my experience with public disclosure documents. The schedule has been available for some time, but, to my knowledge, no one has commented on its combination of absurdity and condescension. On February 2, 2007, they are releasing […]

Southern Ocean Temperature Trends

I pointed out a few posts ago that Antarctic temperatures had been declining during the period of satellite measurement.’ IPCC 4AR Second Draft says that “recent warming is strongly evident at all latitudes in SSTs over each of the oceans“.’ “Strongly” seems to be a new favorite word – think of all the times that […]