Daily Archives: Mar 2, 2007

Reading meteo.ru Data

There is an interesting collection of data from 223 Russian stations here mentioned by both Jerry Brennan and myself. These 223 stations are precisely the same as the 223 stations in CDIAC’s NDP048, conveniently listed here . CDIAC NDP-048 includes an extensive discussion of station history. The versions at meteo.ru typically go to 1995, while […]

Gridcell 62N, 77E: Tarko-Sale, Russia

Today I’m going to discuss another Russian gridcell 62.5N; 77.5E, which is one of the gridcells that was identified by IPCC as having a particularly strong trend . Warwick Hughes previously analyzed this cell because of this here, with this map highlighting the location of the Tarko-Sale gridcell in the top left corner of the […]