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Anderson Cooper on Penn State Secrecy

Anderson Cooper had a segment on Penn State secrecy last night, with his contributor Drew Griffin expressing extreme frustration at Penn State’s stonewalling of information that would be routine at other institutions. Several years ago, Penn State lobbied for (and got) an exemption from Pennsylvania FOI legislation. (Given the exemptions in the state FOI legislation, […]

New Information on the Penn State Inquiry Committee

In today’s post, I’m going to report for the first time on information on the Penn State Inquiry Committee from an inside source (PS) who was familiar with the activities of the Inquiry Committee. PS agreed that the Inquiry Committee didn’t do their job, but pointed me to different reasons than those discussed in an […]

Lasaga – From Penn State to Yale and Back

In 2002, Antonio Lasaga, an extremely eminent scientist then at Yale, was sentenced to 20 years on charges of possession of child pornography and sexual assault against a minor. Given the focus of the present controversy on the Penn State football program, it is instructive to revisit the handling of a scandal involving a star […]

Penn State President Fired

On the same day that Nature published yet another editorial repudiating public examination of the conduct of academic institutions, Penn State President Graham Spanier was fired from his $813,000/year job for failing to ensure that a proper investigation was carried out in respect to pedophilia allegations in Penn State’s hugely profitable football program. The story […]

Seminar on Penn State “Inquiry”

William Brune, who acted as a “consultant” to the Penn State Inquiry Committee will be discussing the Mann misconduct “inquiry” in Boulder tomorrow Wednesday, October 5, 2:15 PM (Refreshments at 2:00 PM) at the David Skaggs Research Center, Room 2A305. Directions The seminar is a Chemical Science Division seminar entitled “Climategate, Michael Mann, and […]

What Did Penn State Know?

In an interview yesterday, Mann told Eli Kintisch of Science (see here) that it has been “known for a year and half” that he forwarded Jones’ delete request to Wahl. If Mann’s claim is true (and I do not believe it to be true), then this raises serious questions about statements in the Penn State […]

Penn State Report Released

Online here.

UEA: IPCC Requires Secrecy, Not Openness

In the recent U of East Anglia refusal of David Holland’s renewed request for IPCC review comments, held out of the IPCC archive through conduct described by Fred Pearce as a “subversion” of IPCC principles of openness and transparency, East Anglia stated: recent guidance given to IPCC lead authors has clearly indicated that communication between […]

Reckless Misinformation from Barry Klinger and the RICO 20

The RICO-20 gang of climate academics commenced its supposed campaign against misinformation with false information about skeptic reactions to the Cuccinelli investigation. Barry Klinger, one of Shukla’s hangers-on at George Mason University,  stated: However, I don’t recall climate contrarians coming to the defense of Michael Mann when he was subject to ideologically-based legal harrassment from then-Virginia Attorney General Ken […]

More Mann Grafting

Jeff Norman draws attention to Figure 1 in a new Mannian tirade, a variation of Mann’s stump speech in which he, as usual, tries to blame his own errors and tricks (the censored directory, verification r2 of 0, upside-down Mann, hide the decline) on right-wing interests.  Amusingly, his new Figure 1 unapologetically splices proxy and […]