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NASA: Sea Level Update

Yesterday, at 2:07 PM CA time (4:07 PM EDT), Rob Spooner posted the following comment in the Unthreaded n+2 thread: I’ve been asked to move a comment to this thread (or unthread), so here it is. I have run into a small problem with some NASA methodology. Looking at and just eyeballing the […]

Rahmstorf Sea Level Source Code and Transliteration

There has been considerable recent blog discussion of Rahmstorf smoothing and centering, with attention gradually being increasingly directed towards Rahm-sea level. Last year, these topics were discussed online by Tom Moriarty here in a posting at his blog which unfortunately did not receive as much attention as it deserved. Following recent discussion at CA, Tom […]

An Analysis of the TOPEX Sea Level Record

Willis writes: I wanted to see if there was acceleration in the TOPEX sea level record. I have looked all over the web to find either the data used to create the following image of the sea level rise as measured by the TOPEX satellite, available here, or some estimate of any acceleration that might […]

John Hunter on Sea Levels

This is not a topic that interests me. John A is interested in it; I’m inclined to think that Hunter’s interpretation of 19th century documents is plausible. What I am tired of is threads being hijacked for discussion of Hunter’s interpretation of sea level. So I’m providing a thread for such discussions. Here is a […]

The Dutch experience of sea-level rise

Following on from the prompting of Hans Errin, I took a look at his links on climate change in his country. The Dutch National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management (KNMI) produced the following picture (taken from this document). As you can see, sea levels were higher during the Medieval Warm Period (1000 years ago) […]