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Partial Transcript of Inquiry Press Conference

Here is a partial transcript of the Inquiry press conference, including the Boulton bits.

Who Wrote the “Issues Paper”?

I haven’t started writing about the execrable Inquiry “Issues Paper” ( located here). My first impression upon reading this document was that the inquiry desperately needed a lawyer who understood that you need to read all the emails (not just some of them as the Inquiry confessed), that you need to ask about each and […]

More Tricks from Boulton and the Hapless Muir Russell

The tricky Boulton and hapless Muir Russell have issued a statement here defending Boulton’s participation in the Inquiry. It begins: On Friday February 12, allegations were raised that Professor Geoffrey Bolton’s background and views affected his ability to be a member of the Review. These have been rejected by Sir Muir Russell and by Professor […]

Boulton’s Climategate Associates

Two of Boulton’s close associates at the University of Edinburgh (see Bishop Hill here – scientists hired as professors in 2007 while Boulton was a very senior professor in the same department – are Climategate correspondents. In the searchable anelegantchaos version, Hegerl gets 41 hits; Gabi 29 hits and Crowley (her husband, also an Edinburgh […]

Boulton Tricks Muir Russell Again

Geoffrey Boulton has tricked the hapless Muir Russell again. Only a few days ago, Muir Russell assured us: The Team will operate as openly and transparently as possible. Russell said that the Team members were “selected” on the basis that they had “no prejudicial interest in climate change and climate science” Do any of the […]

The Boulton Hockey Stick

Following (below left) is the Hockey Stick diagram endorsed by Geoffrey Boulton, General Secretary of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, in their December 2009 (post-Climategate) Policy Advice statement Climate Change and the U.N Copenhagen Summit here. On the right is a confirmation plot from data archived in late 2009 and February 2010 by Boulton’s associate […]

Boulton and Glaciergate

In a Jan 29, 2008 speech, Boulton now -check reported that by 2050 “most of the Himalayan glaciers would be gone”: The impacts are there already. These are representative images from Central Ladakh from ‘69, ‘79, ’89; they show the cover of snow and, in fact, glacier ice. The reason why that’s important is that […]

Royal Society of Edinburgh, Oct 29, 2009

The Muir Russell FAQ states: Do any of the Review team members have a predetermined view on climate change and climate science? No. Members of the research team come from a variety of scientific backgrounds. They were selected on the basis they have no prejudicial interest in climate change and climate science and for the […]

Boulton’s 18 Years at UEA

The Muir Russell website states of its panel: None have any links to the Climatic Research Unit, or the United Nations’ Independent Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). More information about each of the review team members can be found in the Biographies section. An alert reader at Bishop Hill observes that Boulton spent 18 years […]