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Severinghaus and “Hide the Decline”

One of the very first contributions to realclimate was an FAQ from Jeff Severighaus on Dec 3, 2004. A year earlier, Severinghaus attempted (unsuccessfully) to get an explanation of the “divergence” problem from Mann and the rest of the Team. Severinghaus had become interested in the question following a presentation by Tom Karl of NOAA […]

The Vose and Karl Response to Davey and Pielke 2005

Anthony Watts has a couple more stations in hand (Electra and Fallon) about which I’ll comment later today. The detailed examination of USHCN stations fits into the prior debate initiated by the Davey and Pielke 2005 survey of sites in eastern Colorado. The original Davey and Pielke article was accompanied by an official response from […]

Tom Karl’s Station Adjustments

The USHCN Station History Adjustment procedure is credited to Tom Karl in Karl and Williams 1987. Karl has been very prominent in the IPCC movement. That’s not to say that the potential adjustment is wrong or unjustified, but that the adjustment needs to be scrutinized with the same care as one would scrutinize an adjustment […]