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Age Models at Quelccaya and Kilimanjaro

The Quelccaya glacier is at a similar latitude to Kilimanjaro and is also receding. It’s a logical point of comparison. Core 1 is 163.6 m deep (Summit Core- 154.8 m) and is attributed a start date of 470 AD (Summit Core: 744 AD). Annual dust layers are a guide to dating in the upper portions. […]

Mount Kenya

Barker et al. [Science 2001] studied two glacier-fed tarns (micro-lakes) high on Mount Kenya -, Small Hall Tarn (SHT) at 4289 m and Simba Tarn (ST) at 4595 m.

More on Kilimanjaro

The last thing that I should be doing is working on new proxies without finishing off work in hand, but this new data is interesting and, with it in hand, Thompson et al [2002] is even more frustrating. There are some weird splices that you don’t notice at a first read, but start to stick […]

New Kilimanjaro Data

A climateaudit first:- here is the first sample-by-sample àŽⳏ18 for an entire Thompson drill core – in this case KNIF2 and KNIF3 from Kilimanjaro. I had hoped that the data would be properly archived, but it was sent to me by Science and is webbed up here pending a more official archive, which will presumably […]