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PAGES 2017: Arctic Lake Sediments

Arctic lake sediment series have been an important component of recent multiproxy studies.  These series have been discussed on many occasions at Climate Audit (tag), mostly very critical.  PAGES 2017 (and related Werner et al 2017) made some interesting changes to the Arctic lake sediment inventory of PAGES 2013, which I’ll discuss today.

Law Dome in Mann et al 2008

As mentioned yesterday, the Law Dome series has been used from time to time in IPCC multiproxy studies, with the most remarkable use occurring, needless to say, in Mann et al 2008. As noted yesterday, despite Law Dome being very high resolution (indeed, as far as I know, the highest resolution available ice core) and […]

The EPA and Upside-Down Mann

In a recent post, Keith Kloor worried about what would happen when a “bad paper spotlighted on a popular climate blog” is not debunked. In fact, even when a “bad paper spotlighted on a popular climate blog” is debunked, that doesn’t prevent subsequent reliance in policy discussions, as we see in EPA citation of the […]

Speculating Privately

Iridge versus TTLS. What if a key text on this conundrum of the day resided in an anonymous open peer review? Would we, within the ethical standards of modern climate science, be entitled to speculate on the identity of the author of these pearls? Or would that be an ethical violation “as bad as possible”? […]

Mann and his bristlecones

Gavin Schmidt and others have claimed that the M08 usage of the Tiljander sediments didn’t ‘matter’, because they could “get’ a series that looked somewhat similar without the sediments. They’ve usually talked around the impact of the Tiljander series on the no-dendro reconstruction. But there are two pieces of information on this. A figure added […]

Mann and Perfect Reconstructions

I finally turned over a few stones in Mann’s EIV reconstructions, little suspecting the perfection that awaited me in the cave using the simple and unassuming alter ego shglfulihad_smxx. The figure below compares the SH reconstruction to the smoothed (SH) iHAD instrumental version. From the frail instruments of speleothems, bristlecone ring widths and upside-down sediments, […]

The Mann Correlation Mystery

Here’s another interesting mystery in Mann et al 2008. Their SI table rtable1209 reports correlations to 1850-1995 instrumental temperature. The correlations reported in their PNAS SI Table SD1 sets all but 484 “significant” values to NA, so the r1209 table is more comprehensive. The instrumental version supposedly used in their calculations is now archived at […]

Mann et al 2008

Notice of a new reconstruction by Mann and the Team is in many press clippings today, citing a PNAS article that is not (as I write) online. Rather than clutter other threads, here’s a placeholder thread pending my own response which may take a few days. Update Sep 2, 2008 2:15 pm: Article online here […]