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Mannian CPS

As a technique, CPS is little more than averaging and shouldn’t take more than a few lines of code. You standardize the network – one line; take an average – one more line; and then re-scale to match the mean and standard deviation of your target – one more line. (I’m not commenting here on […]

Mann 2008 – Replication

Do not post anything other than programming comments. Absolutely no piling on please.

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up? Re-Mix.

There’s an amusing little incident with the deleted “original” data set that was posted up for a few minutes at Mann’s website – you know, the data set that was first demonstrably referenced by a CA reader in the early morning of Sep 5. (I’ll reserve comment for now on issues relating to the timestamp […]

Proxy Screening by Correlation

I’ve made histograms of reported proxy correlations for 1850-1995, as reported in r1209.xls (which contains results for all proxies, unlike SI SD1.xls which withholds results below a benchmark.) The breaks are in 0.1 intervals. On the left is the histogram before screening; on the right, a histogram of the 484 proxies after screening.     […]

Mann et al 2008 Proxies

Here are 5 graphics which show all the Mann 2008 proxies in a consistent format, highlighting two periods 950-1100 and 1850-1980. My software only permits 300 gif images per gif-movie, so 5 parts. The graphics show nicely how few series actually have low-freq variability and how few series are really contributing to any HS-ness. The […]

Mann et al 2008

Notice of a new reconstruction by Mann and the Team is in many press clippings today, citing a PNAS article that is not (as I write) online. Rather than clutter other threads, here’s a placeholder thread pending my own response which may take a few days. Update Sep 2, 2008 2:15 pm: Article online here […]