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Steig and the International Man of Mystery

Real Climate has defended Steig against a plagiarism complaint from Hu McCulloch, covered by Pielke Jr here and Jeff Id here. Hu’s original post is here and the most recent CA discussion here. Hu’s complaint is here. Note: Hu’s email to the Steig coauthors is here. Steig was not the only recipient. All Steig authors […]

The Steig Corrigendum

US. federal policy defines plagiarism as follows: Plagiarism is the appropriation of another person’s ideas, processes, results, or words without giving appropriate credit. Here is a discussion of the topic from Penn State, where Michael Mann of Steig et al has an appointment. In an entirely unrelated development, Steig et al have issued a corrigendum […]

Say My Name – Watts Remix

Anthony reports today on a NOAA “Talking Points” document which purports to rebut Anthony’s Is The U.S. Surface Temperature Record Reliable?, without deigning to cite Watts, A. (2009). Is The U.S. Surface Temperature Record Reliable? Downloaded from http://wattsupwiththat.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/surfacestationsreport_spring09.pdf. or using Anthony’s name. They seem to have adopted the Team tactic (Hansen in particular) of refusing […]

Gavin’s Complaint

Many bemused blog readers know by now that Gavin Schmidt aka Mystery Man has taken a few hours off from his dedicated and long-standing interest in station data integrity to file a complaint to the University of Colorado about a post that Roger Jr wrote about the Gavin Affair. Gavin has refused Pielke permission to […]

Gavin’s “Mystery Man” Revealed

On Monday, Feb 2, Gavin Schmidt explained some “ethics” to realclimate readers as follows: [Response: People will generally credit the person who tells them something. BAS were notified by people Sunday night who independently found the Gill/Harry mismatch. SM could have notified them but he didn’t. My ethical position is that it is far better […]

Gavin’s Mystery Man

On Sunday, Feb 1 at 4:41 pm Eastern (3:41 blog time), I published a post describing West Antarctic stations. In that post, I observed that there was a very limited amount of station data (6 stations) in the West Antarctica area re-interpreted by Steig et al, that one of the stations (Harry AWS) had an […]

More Changes at the Mann 2008 SI

Mannian confidence intervals have always been a mystery with MBH99 confidence interval methodology remaining an intractable mystery that has defeated all reverse engineering (and engineering) efforts by UC, Jean S and myself to date (though we haven’t picked up this file for a while.) I was very interested to see how Mann 2008 calculated confidence […]

Mann et al 2008 – Another Error Notice

In previous posts, I’ve observed my inability to replicate Mann’s verification statistics, the source code for which was not archived despite representations to the contrary in the original article. Mann has issued another uninformative correction notice (bearing the date Dec 1, 2008) which states: UPDATE 1 December 2008: Supplementary Figure S8a had a small error […]

The Rain in Spain

Erroneous geographical locations of precipitation proxies have been source of mild amusement to CA readers. Long ago, in connection with MBH, we observed that the rain in Maine fell mainly in the Seine – an error that Mann stubbornly refused to correct in Mann et al 2007 – not that any reviewer cared. A few […]

When the Team is on the Move

When the Team is on the move, they can sometimes move with surprising speed, as you’ll see in today’s story. Over the last month, we’ve seen multiple changes to the Mann SI, at first, without any notice. More recently, they’ve started to note the existence of changes, though, the changes themselves are typically not reported […]