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Cicerone of NAS Acquiesces in Data Obstruction

Lonnie Thompson’s work is prominently cited by Al Gore, was cited by the NAS panel of Surface Temperature Reconstructions and is used both in temperature reconstructions and in articles arguing that there was no MWP. One of the remarkable aspects of Thomspon’s corpus is both that the original sample data is unarchived – even for […]

Dunde: Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

One of my objectives in looking at both the Dulan tree ring data and Chinese station data is to take a fresh look at the Dunde ice core information, which is near Dulan and Delingha. twq says that he’s been analyzing low-frequency information from Dunde. A caveat for twq: the Dunde archiving situation is a […]

Guliya Core #2 and Mountain Glacier Flow

Here’s an interesting graphic from lecture notes of Jed Schneider and Kathryn Clapp here showing the flow of ice through a mountain glacier. If this is representative of flow in mountain glaciers, one wonders at what exactly is being recorded in a vertical drill hole away from the summit (such as Guliya Core 2). I’ll […]

Science Editorial

Science has recently weighed in with an editorial in which the editor of Science, Donald Kennedy, stated that he is “outraged” by the Barton Committee inquiring into processes for due diligence and disclosure in connection with science being applied for large-scale public policy. I thought that people might be interested in an account of my […]