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"Explaining" a Positive NAO

Trouet et 2009 posit a positive NAO as the “explanation” of the Medieval Climate Anomaly, pausing only briefly to ask what might have caused a centuries long (“temporally pervasive”) positive NAO, falling back on an arm-waving attribution to a stronger Atlantic meridional overturning circulation: The persistently strong winter MCA NAO and its weakening during the […]

The Trouet Ocean Proxies

Here are the ocean proxies used in Trouet et al. As usual in Team studies, it is a total mystery how they are selected. Trouet et al is a bit different from usual Team studies in that it argues for a MWP-LIA global reorganization, something that I’ll get to soon. Today, I want to chat […]

More Z-Score Opportunism

We’ve frequently observed that the reduction of data to standard deviation units (z-scores) is often associated with seemingly opportunistic orientation of the data sets. Often this is buried in the multivariate methodology. Principal components and RegEM can both function to opportunistically provide orientations to “proxies”. In Mann 2008, we saw pretty examples of proxies being […]

Trouet et al 2009 – More Info

On April 10, I was notified by NOAA that a little bit of data from Trouet was now online at NOAA WDCP. The archive is the absolute minimum; even Science would require them to archive this data if asked. However, it is totally inadequate for replication. However, every little bit of data helps and here’s […]

Data Archiving for Trouet-Esper

Trouet et al was released on April 2, 2009 with an SI that did not include any data. Discussion began here on April 3 in the comments here and later that day I posted on it here observing: Unfortunately, the authors failed to provide any digital data citations (see for example AGU policies on this, […]

Trouet et al 2009: “Scuppering the Deniers”

Trouet et al (2009), Persistent Positive North Atlantic Oscillation Mode Dominated the Medieval Climate Anomaly, published in Reader’s Digest Science a few days ago. Esper the non-Archiver is a co-author. New Scientist breathlessly reported : Europe basked in unusually warm weather in medieval times, but why has been open to debate. Now the natural climate […]