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Mann and Schmidt have a Hissy Fit

I’m trying to use "hissy fit" purely descriptively and not in an ad hominem sense. I can’t think of any other way to describe today’s postings at Daily Kos – scroll down. A reader posted up a pretty sensible and mundane question about RegEM – the new magic bullet from the nomadic Hockey Team. I […]

Rutherford, Mann et al [2005]

Over at Daily Kos, Mann says that the Nomads (this is a new candidate name for the Hockey Team) have moved on and that RegEM, as in Rutherford, Mann et al [2005], is the new sheriff. At the end of the day, it’s hard to see how the RegEM method avoids any of the BàƒÆ’à‚⻲ger […]

The A&W Little Whopper

For your reading pleasure, here is our Reply to Ammann and Wahl (GRL). as submitted on Jan. 29, 2006. You don’t have access to the A&W Comment itself; [update: now here ] but if you re-read the Huybers article, it has the same points without all the mischaracterizations and misrepresentations of A&W. A&W also have […]

Bürger and Cubasch

I quickly mentioned BàƒÆ’à‚⻲ger and Cubasch [2005] which was published in December and meant to post up some further comments at the time, but forgot to do so. I was reminded of this by the question of a reader at Daily Kos . Let me mention first that BàƒÆ’à‚⻲ger and Cubasch is a really interesting […]

The Hockey Team at Daily Kos

realclimate recently advertised an interview at Daily Kos with Schmidt, Mann and Rahmsdorff. There has been an interesting exchange arising from the following posting by a reader. One thing that readers of this interview are missing is the fact that Dr. Mann’s dismissal of the criticism of the "Hockey Stick" science is papering over some […]

Massachusetts General Hospital on Data Withholding

The Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard teaching affiliate, has just released the latest in a series of publications discussing data withholding, concluding that: "Data withholding clearly has important negative effects on the integrity of the scientific education system in the U.S." In some of the medical areas, there are at least occasionally patent or commercial […]

Holloway [2004] on Ocean Dynamics

I’ve been browsing through some articles on climate modeling and GCMs since even the Hockey Team no longer seems to try to base climate policy on multiproxy studies. I’m particularly interested in the approach of maximum entropy theorists, since they offer a very non-IPCC perspective on GCMs. Here are a few quotes from Holloway [2004], […]

Canadian Federal Election Results

The Liberal government in Canada, the hosts of the recent Montreal COP conference, has been defeated. A Conservative minority government has been elected. It will be approximately: Conservatives 122; Liberals 103; Bloc Quebecois 50; NDP (Socialist) 32; Independent (a Quebec radio shock jock) 1. I’ve hardly ever discussed Kyoto on this blog although it’s the […]

New York Times on Bristlecones

I’ve been working away at our reply to Ammann and Wahl so I’m a little behind in blogging. One of our readers drew my attention to a discussion in the New York Times involving our favorite bristlecone pines. Kammerer et al. [J. Im. Gen. 2006] report the extension of human lifespan to 969 years following […]

San Francisco Chronicle Op Ed: The Unholy Lust of Scientists

Here’s an interesting op ed by philosopher David Oderburg, who says: I venture to suggest that contemporary science is now so corrupted by the lust for loot and glory that nothing less than root-and-branch reform can save it. For a start, although I distance myself wholly from his anti-rationalism and methodological anarchy, I share the […]