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Bürger Review

Here is what Reviewer #3 submitted in his review of the Bürger CPD submission (I’ve taken down the draft review.) He regrets agreeing to do the review (for reasons that will become clear). Even though Reviewer #3 has much goodwill towards Bürger, he is rather a stickler for detail and it seems rather unfair that […]

Bürger and "Skill"

CA readers have followed some of the interesting reviews at Climate of the Past, where some of the exchanges have been lively (although most papers don’t seem to attract much comment.) Two reviews are in on Bürger’s most recent submission and a 3rd reviewer has been invited to give an opinion. However, he’s slow about […]

An Excellent Sonechkin Comment

I just noticed an excellent comment by Sonechkin (one of the Moberg authors) on the CPD submission of Bürger and Cubasch. I suspect that climateaudit readers will agree with everything that he says. The remarkable thing is that these claims, which we’ve been making for some time, should ever have been controversial.

Jean S on Rutherford et al 2005

Jean S has sent the following longer contribution on Rutherford et al 2005. I always appreciate Jean S’s thoughtful comments (which is no secret to readers here). So enjoy. JeanS: Now since the review of Burger and Cubash [BC06 here after] put Rutherford (2005) [R05] back on the table, there is an issue to which […]

Bürger and Cubasch Discussion

I hope that you are following the lively discussion about Burger and Cubasch at Climates of the Past here , where Mann aka Anonymous Referee #2 is carrying on in a quite extraodinary way. I’ll probably try to weigh in over there at some point. The dialogue has exploded fairly quickly and I’ve collated some […]

More on Bürger et al 2006

A few days ago, I mentioned that I thought that Bürger et al 2006, while recognizing the linear relationship between MBH proxies and their RPCs, had incorrectly formulated the form of the relationship as the form of the linear relationship was inconsistent with my own derivation, which I had cross-checked and verified against source code […]

Bürger and Cubasch

I quickly mentioned BàƒÆ’à‚⻲ger and Cubasch [2005] which was published in December and meant to post up some further comments at the time, but forgot to do so. I was reminded of this by the question of a reader at Daily Kos . Let me mention first that BàƒÆ’à‚⻲ger and Cubasch is a really interesting […]