Spam Karma reset

We’ve had a few new posters fail to negotiate the Spam Karma filter, possibly because of using the same domain for e-mail as spammers use. Also, if you see the comment numbers appear to desynchronize from the quoted comment numbers, its much more likely to be because Steve or myself have restored a comment or two from the Spam Karma filter that should not have been there.

To clear out problems I’ve reset the Spam Karma filter, which means that everybody will be treated as a new commenter until the filter gets used to you again. If you get blocked by the filter, don’t send it again (that just makes Spam Karma worse), just send a quick e-mail to Steve. Usually if you do nothing, the comment will be retrieved between minutes and hours later in any case.

If you’re new to commenting on Climate Audit, I would suggest that you save your comments in case Spam Karma blocks you and send the comment to Steve at his e-mail address.

The price of popularity in weblogging is attention from spammers of all kinds and eternal vigilence of the filter logs lest genuine comments go astray. In the case of Climate Audit, we currently receive around 7-12 spam comments and trackbacks per hour, so you’ll appreciate that this automation is absolutely necessary.

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