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Keenan’s Comment on Chuine

Douglas Keenan has published an excellent comment on his attempt to replicate the prominent study by Chuine et al [Nature 2004] of harvest dates in Burgundy. The article being criticized is all too typical of a climate article in Nature – lurid headlines, lamentable statistics, ineffective peer review and obstructive authors. It’s really nice to […]

Re-Fried Greenland Ice Cores

This is not going to be an especially interesting post for most (probably any) of you, but I want to document a couple of points mostly as an aide-memoire for myself so I don’t forget. I actually learned something new about the Jones et al reconstruction from the Euro Team study. I’ve been able to […]

Stern Review

The Stern Review has been published today here . I don’t intend to spend much time on it, but others may wish to comment. I noticed that he cited Hansen’s “Warmest in a Milllll-yun Years” article as authority for the claim that it was the warmest in 12,000 years. It s frustrating when policy recommendations […]

Road Map #3

Opinions expressed on Climate Audit, other than those expressed by Stephen McIntyre personally, are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Climate Audit or myself.

Goosse et al 2006 and the MWP

Kevn UK writes in: "I’ve just been to the Climate in the Past and have just spotted the following report “The origin of the European “Medieval Warm Period” H. Goosse, O. Arzel, J. Luterbacher, M. E. Mann, H. Renssen, N. Riedwyl, A. Timmermann, E. Xoplaki, and H. Wanner” “Abstract. Proxy records and results of a […]

Potential Academic Misconduct by the Euro Team

I raise here a troubling issue pertaining to potential academic misconduct by the Euro Hockey Team. They stated: The code used by MM2005 [the GRL article] is not, at the time of writing, available, …. First, this statement is obviously untrue. The code used in McIntyre and McKitrick 2005 is available at the SI to […]

The Euro Team and the SWM Network

Principal components do not necessarily have an orientation. However, when you are making principal components from networks of tree ring widths, it’s a good idea to try to think about physical interpretations. Here’s a funny example where the Euro Hockey Team has lost its way. They observe the following: for the proxy principal components in […]

The Euro Hockey Team and Yamal

Readers of this blog are familiar with the Yamal subsitution. Briefly, Briffa et al 1995 reported in Nature that 1032 was the coldest year of the millennium based on no more than 3 poorly dated and short cores in the 11th century. Subsequently new cores were dated to the 11th century by Schweingruber, resulting in […]

Mystery solved

The mystery of what was hitting CA so hard has been solved (or at least identified). It’s all because of statistics.

New CPD Paper on Reconstructions

Here is the paper from MITRIE on climate reconstructions M. N. Juckes, M. R. Allen, K. R. Briffa, J. Esper, G. C. Hegerl, A. Moberg, T. J. Osborn, S. L. Weber, E. Zorita, Millennial temperature reconstruction intercomparison and evaluation, Climate of the Past Discussions, 2, 1001-1049, 2006 There has been considerable recent interest in paleoclimate […]