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Behind Closed Doors: “Perpetuating Rubbish”

The Yang Chinese composite, after the Mann PC1 and Yamal, had the third-largest hockey stick shape of the proxies illustrated in the IPCC AR4 spaghetti graph. I’d commented on this series on several occasions – see The new emails show that Bradley thought that this series was, to use the technical term preferred by […]

A Somewhat Late Response to Schneider

(This post is by Ross.) Eight years ago, in October 2003, Stephen Schneider wrote email 0020.txt to Annie Petsonk of Environmental Defense, cc’ing to Mann, Hegerl, Overpeck, Briffa, Hughes, MacCracken, Jones, Bradley, Santer, Thompson, Mosley-Thompson, Crowley, Trenberth, Osborn, Wigley and a couple others.  The email stated, in part, the following ([sic] wherever appropriate).  Hello all. Ah […]


Just for fun – we’ve all noticed the many mentions of just going or returning from exotic destinations – when you notice an email discussing a trip to Tahiti or Hawaii or Nice etc, please jot down the email #, date, destination and traveller.

Private Expressions of Uncertainty

One of the main themes of the emails is scientists admitting problems privately that they did not clearly admit in public. Ross has emailed me a few starters. Again no editorializing, just listing.

Climate Audit Used for East Anglia Course

Maurizio (h/t Bishop Hill) spotted an email (2639 in 2009) describing extensive use of Climate Audit in a non-CRU East Anglia course: Neil Adger has taken over the running of First Year course here in ENV. He asked Alan Kendall for the ppt for 2 lectures he gives. He sent them and 40 slides are […]

Discussion of Reviews

When you notice an email discussing a review, could you jot down the email number, date, the reviewer, the reviewee. Please don’t editorialize, just note it for reference.

Phil Stumped at Calculating A Trend

Phil Jones spends much of his time looking down his nose at the heathen, but then confesses to Bob Ward that he is unable to calculate a trend on his own, as in this hilarious exchange at Bishop Hill: I’m not adept enough (totally inept) with excel to do this now as no-one who knows […]

Climategate II Tools

A searchable version of Climategate 2 is online at and at I’ve made a time-concordance of the new emails and placed it online at {Note – I’ve updated this to include julian seconds to match to climategate1.) For R-users, I’ve made an R-concordance of the 5349 emails as text files and placed […]

New Climategate Emails

New climategate dossier here. [Update – try here] See notice from “FOIA” here and subsequent comments as well as discussion at Jeff Id here. I’ll comment later after I have a chance to look at things. [Update /Jean S : Searchable database here.  h/t phil]

Yamal and Hide-the-Decline

In The Climate Files, Fred Pearce wrote: When I phoned Jones on the day the emails were published online and asked him what he thought was behind it, he said” It’s about Yamal, I think”. Pearce continued (p 53): The word turns up in 100 separate emails, more than ‘hockey stick’ or any other totem […]