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MBH98 Source Code: Cross-validation R2

Mann has just(July 2005) archived a fortran program at {Update: see here] Here are my first thoughts on this.

Title to MBH98 Source Code

It will take a while to go through the responses of Mann, Bradley and Hughes. I’ve taken a first look at the new source code and will commenting on it in due course. I have no information on responses from NSF and IPCC, other than what I read in the Nature interview with the Chairman […]

Mann on Source Code

Mann told Antonio Regalado of the Wall Street Journal that he would not be “intimidated” into releasing source code for MBH98. Here is an account of correspondence with Mann and with the U.S. National Science Foundation: Even before publication of MM03, we politely requested clarification on issues in MBH98. This was a source of controversy […]