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My new script for scraping KNMI model makes it very convenient to look at model data without a lot of setup overhead. Up till now, I’d only downloaded air temperature data (tas) and I tested downloading SST data (tos). KNMI’s collection of tos data is unfortunately quite spotty and this information is not consistently available. […]

More on Retrieving KNMI Data

I’ve done a considerable upgrade to my function for retrieving model data from KNMI within R. This builds on the KNMI webpage but IMO is a considerable enhancement of it. I’ve made the script available here . The function read.knmi.models is built as an emulator of the radio buttons. Geert’s radio buttons (if I’m understanding […]

Cloud Super-Parameterization and Low Climate Sensitivity

“Superparameterization” is described by the Climate Process Team on Low-Latitude Cloud Feedbacks on Climate Sensitivity in an online meeting report (Bretherton, 2006) as: a recently developed form of global modeling in which the parameterized moist physics in each grid column of an AGCM is replaced by a small cloud-resolving model (CRM). It holds the promise […]

Santer et al 2008 – Worse Than We Thought

Last year, I reported the invalidity using up-to-date data of Santer’s claim that none of the satellite data sets showed a “statistically significant” difference in trend from the model ensemble, after allowing for the effect of AR1 autocorrelation on confidence intervals. Including up-to-date data, the claim was untrue for UAH data sets and was on […]

Santer and the "Power of Poop"

Rather than spending time archiving information from his various publications, Santer has placed his scientific priorities on introducing a remarkable cartoon (Youtube here), which ends (see 7 minutes on) with a ditty urging its audience to “do something about the power of poop”. The video ends with a close-up of a large odiferous dropping, with […]

Re-Visiting CCSP 1.1 on Lapse Rate Trends

As noted in an earlier post, I’ve now managed to synchronize 48 of 49 Santer tropo series with KNMI surface temperature series and have looked at versions of some key figures in CCSP 1-1 and previously inaccessible figures in Santer. First here is an important figure from CCP 1-1 showing a histogram of relative trends […]

Deciding Which Runs to Archive

Have any of you seen any articles discussing which model runs are archived? It doesn’t appear to me that all model runs are archived. So what criteria are used to decide which model runs are archived by the modelers at PCMDI? (This is a different question than IPCC selections from the PCMDI population.) We’re all […]

A1B and 20CEN Models

Lucia did a recent post on the construction of IPCC Figure 9.5, which I’d also been looking at in light of the Santer model information but I had different issues in mind. IPCC Figure 9.5 says that they extended selected 20th century runs (the “20CEN” models) with A1B models in order to produce the graph […]

Mannian Collation by Santer

I reported a while ago on Santer’s refusal to provide the T2 and T2LT data as collated. Despite Santer’s rude refusal, PCMDI placed the data online anyway, notifying me that this had been their plan along. I reported on this at the time, but so far haven’t reported on the collated data. The T2 and […]

Connolley co-author: “Unfortunately we have deleted all the NetCDF files…”

Recently, I made a request to Thomas Bracegirdle, junior partner of Connolley and Bracegirdle, for the model data used in two recent articles: Bracegirdle and Connolley (GRL 2007) about 20th century Antarctic models; and Bracegirdle, Connolley and Turner (JGR 2008) about 21st century Antarctic models. William Connolley is well known in the blogosphere, especially for […]