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Ring Widths and Temperature #1

A common theme to recent questions has been the relationship of ring width chronologies to temperatures, and, in particular, the relationship of bristlecone chronologies to temperature. Rob Wilson has recently weighed in on this. While it was nice of Rob to present some new material, people should not lose sight of the fact that the […]

D'Arrigo: Making Cherry Pie

D’Arrigo presented their new study. I went over and introduced myself and said that I thought that their new study was much better than Osborn and Briffa and that it was too bad that they hadn’t received the same publicity. She said – Well, I guess that’s a compliment of sorts. I was trying to […]

Wilson on Yamal Substitution

Rob Wilson has written in sharply criticizing me (Yamal Substitution #3) for a lack of a balanced presentation on the Yamal substitution, and, in particular, for not acknowledging the "clear statistical reasons (related to variance changes through time)" that he had provided me offline for why D’Arrigo et al 2006 made the Yamal substitution. Also […]

Positive and Negative Responders

Just when you think that you’ve heard of all the possible problems with tree rings, the newest issue comes from “positive” and “negative” responders to temperature within the same site. These issues are discussed in a number of articles by various post-docs associated with Jacoby and D’Arrigo with the latter as co-authors. So in fairness […]

Plots of Gaspe and Polar Urals Data

Just as an experiment, I plotted up all the ring widths for the Gaspé and Polar Urals sites, with each core displaced a little. What I was thinking of the type of graph that you see in seismic surveys. The look is interesting, given how much weight is placed downstream on these data sets in […]

Jacoby Archiving

Jacoby is a key player on the Hockey Team. Jacoby and d’Arrigo have received nearly $8 million from the National Science Foundation (collated from public NSF records)- see here ; in addition, they have received an undisclosed amount of funding from other public agencies (collated from publication references). As far as I’m concerned, US federal […]

Jacoby: Northern Sites, Southern Exposure

I was browsing through some Jacoby articles for a different purpose and was reminded of the very interesting references to a relationship between high-latitude tree ring growth and southern exposure to the sun in two of his 1980s articles, which do not get mentioned any more once the GW campaign is on.

Lost Cedars #2

I might as well illustrate real-time frustrations in dealing with the Hockey Team. I’ve written back on Jacoby’s stonewalling to Climatic Change (who have been trying and who at least got a refusal from Jacoby) as follows.

Jacoby’s “Lost” Gaspé Cedars

I’ve been trying for over a year to get a location for the Gaspé cedars. Jacoby, as a Hockey Team member, refuses to provide such mundane information. At one point, Ed Cook, another Hockey Team member, promised to provide the information, but failed to deliver. Now Jacoby has told Climatic Change that the cedar location […]

The Updated Gaspé Series

We have focused considerable attention on the role of the Gaspé series in MBH98. While we alluded previously in MM05 (E&E) to information in our possession that the updated (1991) version of the series differed from the 1982 version and to our frustration that the updated version remains unarchived (see Jacoby #1) , we are […]