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Gleanings on Bona Churchill

In 2002, Lonnie Thompson drilled a 460 meter ice core in a col between Mounts Bona and Churchill in Alaska. As of October 2003, they had analyzed over 5600 samples and concluded that the core covered approximately 2500 years. A presentation was made at AGU in December 2004. The data was not discussed in IPCC […]

More Evasion by Thompson

I’ve been trying since 2003 to get detailed sample information from Lonnie Thompson on his tropical ice cores, some drilled 20 years ago. I reported on my most recent effort on Apr 19, 2007 under PNAS policies here. Thompson has once more obfuscated a journal by falsely telling them that everything already is archived (without […]

IPCC and the Al Gore Hockey Stick

Al Gore’s hockey stick version (page 65 of the book “An Inconvenient Truth“) is taken from one of the many conflicting versions of Lonnie Thompson’s ice core data. Now there is an ongoing controversy about whether Thompson’s data is a temperature or precipitation proxy, with pretty much every other scientist except Thompson now viewing the […]

A Try for Thompson Data at PNAS

The recent success in getting at least some data from Phil Jones – which he had obstructed since my original request in 2003 – has caused me to refresh my attempts to get Lonnie Thompson to archive his data so that the scandalous inconsistencies between different versions can finally be appraised. Last year, he published […]

Dunde: Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

One of my objectives in looking at both the Dulan tree ring data and Chinese station data is to take a fresh look at the Dunde ice core information, which is near Dulan and Delingha. twq says that he’s been analyzing low-frequency information from Dunde. A caveat for twq: the Dunde archiving situation is a […]

Dasuopu Versions

Al Gore’s hockey stick is from Lonnie Thompson’s ice cores. [Update: subsequent to this, we discovered that Al Gore’s hockey stick is not “DR Thompson’s thermometer” but Mann’s hockey stick wearing a wig.] On previous occasions, we’ve talked about the Guliya ice core -Thompson’s failure to archive data; the use of three different and inconsistent […]

Guliya Core #2 and Mountain Glacier Flow

Here’s an interesting graphic from lecture notes of Jed Schneider and Kathryn Clapp here showing the flow of ice through a mountain glacier. If this is representative of flow in mountain glaciers, one wonders at what exactly is being recorded in a vertical drill hole away from the summit (such as Guliya Core 2). I’ll […]

Dasuopu Core #1

Three cores were drilled at Dasuopu. We don’t hear much about Core #1. It was drilled in a flow zone and, despite being 160 m deep, is only back to 1922 in the most recent discussion. I’m intrigued with this for a variety of reasons, including the fact that Guliya Core #3, the one that […]

More Guliya Mess

The Yang version of Guliya goes back to “AD200” and is dated younger than Thompson et al 2004 (although a younger dating may also be in Thompson et al PNAS 2006). I did a quick comparison of the unarchived visual plot in Thompson et al (Science 1997) and compared it to the Yang version, yielding […]

More on Guliya

I wrote recently on the bizarre spaghetti graph from Guliya – where three inconsistent versions have been used in 2006 articles. I think that I may have a good first step at decoding this mess, as illustrated in the comparison below of the PNAS 2006, Climatic Change 2004 and Yang 2002 versions (used again in […]