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Does Hansen’s Error “Matter”?

There’s been quite a bit of publicity about Hansen’s Y2K error and the change in the U.S. leaderboard (by which 1934 is the new warmest U.S. year) in the right-wing blogosphere. In contrast, realclimate has dismissed it a triviality and the climate blogosphere is doing its best to ignore the matter entirely. My own view […]

Quantifying the Hansen Y2K Error

I observed recently that Hansen’s GISS series contains an apparent error in which Hansen switched the source of GISS raw from USHCN adjusted to USHCN raw for all values January 2000 and later. For Detroit Lakes MN, this introduced an error of 0.8 deg C. I’ve collated GISS raw minus USHCN adjusted for all USHCN […]

Hansen Red and Blue States

I did plots for both GISS station data and GISS gridcell data on the same basis as USHCN.

Help UCAR Find the Lost Cities of Chile

There’s something romantic about lost civilizations. Archaeologists have ventured all over the world looking for lost civilizations. Little did they know that some lost civilizations report their weather to UCAR, including the mysterious country of Chile whose existence has long been suspected. Here at last is conclusive evidence that the lost country of Chile exists, […]

Hansen Then and Now

We’ve observed the changes in GISS over the past 7 years. Jean S draws our attention to the changes in GISS temperature history since Hansen et al 1981. I’ve tried to re-plotted the current Hansen data – right frame – in the same format as Hansen et al 1981 Figure 3. This is not as […]