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Pielke on Muir Russell’s Erroneous Understanding of IPCC Mission

Pielke Jr is off the mark quickly with a demonstration of an important Muir Russell misunderstanding of IPCC responsibilities, that invalidates much of their work on IPCC. (BTW it seems clear to me that Muir Russell contains many gaffes and errors, which are going to get placed into the sunshine over the next few days, […]

McKitrick Preliminary Response

Here is Ross McKitrick’s first quick response. Readers need to remember that the Muir Russell report has been months in the preparation and that we’ve seen it for only a few hours (while fielding some media requests as well). It will take a little while to assimilate.

Microsoft Made Them Do It

Muir Russell said that it wasn’t the scientists weren’t to blame for defamatory language in emails, e.g. calling people “frauds”, “fraudit”, “bozos”, “morons” and so on. It was Microsoft’s fault. They asked: Indeed, some submissions have characterised them as ‗unprofessional‘, or as evidence of CRU‘s contribution to a ‗poisoned atmosphere‘ in climate science. Muir Russell […]

Lord Russell of Holyrood

I guess the main question coming out of the Muir Russell report is when is he going to be appointed to the House of Lords and his choice of appelation. Lord Muir of Holyrood? They adopted a unique inquiry process in which they interviewed only one side – CRU. As a result, the report is […]

Muir Russell – what I’ll be looking for

I don’t expect the Muir Russell report to be as much of an insult to the public as the Penn State report or the Oxburgh report – both of which set the bar pretty low. Or at least, as an insult, it will not be so contemptuous of the public as to contain no documentation […]

The Day Before

On April 19, 2010 – the day before the BP blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, Muir Russell panellist David Eyton, BP Group Vice President, Research & Technology (and formerly VP Gulf of Mexico Deepwater), gave a speech at Stanford on the problems and responsibilities of corporate governance – a speech that contains much sensible […]

McIntyre Submission with Figures

My submission to the UK Parliamentary Committee is here – this version excludes figures. Here is a pdf version with illustrations. In my situation – which is a little, shall we say, unique- it’s hard to figure out exactly where to start. So I tried to cover topics that I didn’t think anyone else would […]

More Tricks from Boulton and the Hapless Muir Russell

The tricky Boulton and hapless Muir Russell have issued a statement here defending Boulton’s participation in the Inquiry. It begins: On Friday February 12, allegations were raised that Professor Geoffrey Bolton’s background and views affected his ability to be a member of the Review. These have been rejected by Sir Muir Russell and by Professor […]

The Team That Can’t Shoot Straight

Minutes after the Team announced its members, with Team captain Muir Russell emphasizing their impartiality, a commenter at Bishop Hill posted up an interview between Team member Philip Campbell, editor of Nature, in which he told Chinese radio that there was nothing to see here and people should just move along. INTERVIEWER: I think you […]