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Blatant Misrepresentation by Muir Russell Panel

The Muir Russell panel blatantly misrepresented the facts surrounding Jones’ notorious request to “delete all emails”, a misrepresentation that, in my opinion, was done, at a minimum, either recklessly or out of gross negligence.

Inquiry Disinformation about CRUTEM

In the Guardian debate, George Monbiot’s opening question (made in good faith on his part) pertained to CRUTEM, George noting that the inquiry had been able to derive a CRUTEM-like result from GHCN data and challenging me that this had somehow rebutted my “crusade” on this point. I tried to deal with this as quickly […]

Trevor Davies at the Guardian Panel

Sitting on the dais at the Guardian panel, it seemed to me that the most remarkable moment came when the audience laughed out loud at Trevor Davies about Muir Russell.

Cartoons by Josh: The Three Stooges

Bishop Hill has cheered up readers with Josh’s cartoons. Josh has started a blog as an album of his climate cartoons here. Here is his most recent entitled The Three Stooges – two lords and an aspiring lord (now merely a sir) – Muir Russell, Oxburgh and Acton.

Muir Russell Skipped Jones’ Interviews

If website documents are accurate (and they are supposed to be comprehensive), Muir Russell did not meet with Jones, Briffa or Osborn on any occasion subsequent to the press conference on Feb 11, 2010 unveiling the Muir Russell panel – other than perhaps crossing paths at the March 1 Parliamentary hearings.

The Botched Examination of the Back-Up Server

The more one reads the documents of the Muir Russell, the more it is a litany of incompetence, already evidenced by the failure of Muir Russell and other panelists to even attend the Jones and Briffa interview. The botched “efforts” to examine the balance of the emails in the back-up server is another sorry episode.

The “Disputed” Reconstruction

It will take a while to parse Muir Russell. They’ve been working on it for 7 months and I’ve had it for a day. I’m going to place up notes on things as I notice them. At some point, I’ll try to pull together a longer response, but there are lots of interesting things as […]

BP’s Analysis of CRU Emails

Were some of you waiting with interest to the BP analysis of CRU email promised in the March 20, 2010 meeting of the Muir Russell Team – see here

Fred Pearce’s Column

Fred Pearce, whose one-man inquiry into Climategate (The Climate Files), remains the only reasonably objective inquiry to date observes here that nobody on the Muir Russell panel even asked Phil Jones whether he deleted emails” Most seriously, it finds “evidence that emails might have been deleted in order to make them unavailable should a subsequent […]

You Can’t Be Serious!

One of the most famous emails was Jones’ request to Mann, Briffa, Wahl and Ammann to delete AR4 emails (including the surreptitious Wahl-Briffa exchange) a day after David Holland’s FOI request for AR4 emails. It read: 29th May 2008: ―Can you delete any emails you may have had with Keith re AR4? Keith will do […]