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UK Parliamentary Hearings Today

Try here- http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=5979. I got wrongfooted as I couldn’t get the other feeds. Archived Start at 4 pm (11 am Eastern). Andrew Montfod (Bishop Hill) has article at Channel Four here with Channel Four feed apparently starting at 11 am Eastern here BBC feed here. UPDATE: Archived feed http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=5979 Report http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200910/cmselect/cmsctech/387/387i.pdf Evidence http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200910/cmselect/cmsctech/387/387ii.pdf

McIntyre Submission with Figures

My submission to the UK Parliamentary Committee is here – this version excludes figures. Here is a pdf version with illustrations. In my situation – which is a little, shall we say, unique- it’s hard to figure out exactly where to start. So I tried to cover topics that I didn’t think anyone else would […]

Institute of Physics Submission

No mincing of words by the Institute of Physics in their submission to the UK Parliamentary Committee. What are the implications of the disclosures for the integrity of scientific research? 1. The Institute is concerned that, unless the disclosed e-mails are proved to be forgeries or adaptations, worrying implications arise for the integrity of scientific […]

ICO Submission to Parliamentary Committee

The presentations to the UK Parliamentary Committee are online and many are very interesting. Take a look at the submission by UK Information Commissioner Richard Thomas here who adhere nicely to the policy issues. Here is part of his testimony – testimony that is far more compelling than the flaccid prevarications coming from the likes […]

Submission to UK Parliamentary Inquiry

Just sent in a submission to the UK Parliamentary Inquiry (cut-off noon Feb 10, 2010) see here . Given the limit of 3000 words – not that I wanted to spend a whole lot more time on something that will probably be disregarded anyway – I focused on paleoclimate rather than CRUTEM (presuming that others […]

UK Parliamentary Inquiry into CRU

The UK Science and Technology Committee today announced an inquiry into “THE DISCLOSURE OF CLIMATE DATA FROM THE CLIMATIC RESEARCH UNIT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF EAST ANGLIA” with the full text of the press announcement as follows: