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New Light on “Delete Any Emails”

New light today on Phil Jones’ notorious request that Mann, Briffa, Wahl and Ammann “delete any emails”.

Penn State Report Released

Online here.

The Mann Inquiry Report

As a starting point for today’s post, the Office of Research Integrity (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), like Penn State, has a two-stage inquiry-investigation procedure and states: In general, absent full admissions, inquiries should not be used to make findings on whether research misconduct in fact occurred. This seems at odds with what […]

The Mann Report

Is here. I’ll comment later. See RA-10 here and RA-47 here 4 p.m. A couple of quick points. Readers should understand that I have limited expectations from this sort of inquiry. What I do expect is that the authors not make untrue statements that can be easily disproven. (At least make them hard to disprove.) […]

The First Inquiry to Report

The Penn State Collegian archive once again is first on a story, breaking the news that the Penn State Inquiry has finished its inquiry and that results will be available later this week. They report: Penn State President Graham Spanier addressed the inquiry and the panel’s work during the Board of Trustees meeting on Jan. […]

Student Journalists Lead

Laura Nichols of the Penn State Daily Collegian Online here is way ahead of other journalists on the Penn State investigation – which was off the mark even faster than CRU.   She reports that the investigation was convened under Policy RA-10, which describes the procedure for breach of standards set out under Policy AD-47. A […]