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Steig Professes Ignorance

On Feb. 26, I wrote a post on CA, “Steig 2009’s Non-Correction for Serial Correlation”, commenting on the Jan. 22 letter in Nature by Eric Steig et al. On Feb. 28, I sent Steig and his 5 co-authors an e-mail alerting them to my post and its content. On Aug. 6, Steig and co-authors published […]

Steig and the International Man of Mystery

Real Climate has defended Steig against a plagiarism complaint from Hu McCulloch, covered by Pielke Jr here and Jeff Id here. Hu’s original post is here and the most recent CA discussion here. Hu’s complaint is here. Note: Hu’s email to the Steig coauthors is here. Steig was not the only recipient. All Steig authors […]

The Steig Corrigendum

US. federal policy defines plagiarism as follows: Plagiarism is the appropriation of another person’s ideas, processes, results, or words without giving appropriate credit. Here is a discussion of the topic from Penn State, where Michael Mann of Steig et al has an appointment. In an entirely unrelated development, Steig et al have issued a corrigendum […]

TTLS in a Steig Context

Many CA readers know a lot about regression and quite a bit about principal components, but I dare say that a much fewer number are familiar with Truncated Total Least Squares (to which the regpar parameter belongs.) We’re seeing interesting interactions between PC=k and regpar=r – and there is little, if anything, in regular statistical […]

Steig’s “Tutorial”

In his RC post yesterday – also see here – Steig used North et al (1982) as supposed authority for retaining three PCs, a reference unfortunately omitted from the original article. Steig also linked to an earlier RC post on principal components retention, which advocated a completely different “standard approach” to determining which PCs to […]

The Gracious Communicator

During the 12-hour interval that Steig deigned to permit comments on his “Tutorial” about principal components, he made the following backhanded criticism of blogger communications with him: [Response: Ryan: Unlike most of your fellow bloggers, you have been very gracious in your communications with me. They could learn something from you. I don’t know how […]

Ryan’s Tiles

Ryan O has produced a very interesting series of Antarctic tiles by calculating Steigian trends under various settings of retained AVHRR principal components and retained Truncated Total Least Squares eigenvectors (Schneider’s “regpar”). The figure below re-arranges various trend tiles provided by Ryan in a previous comment, arranging them more or less in increasing retained AVHRR […]

Ryan O: More Mannian Algorithm Problems

Ryan O has observed a remarkable property of the Mannian algorithm used in Steig et al’s Antarctic temperature reconstruction described in a lengthy post at Jeff Id’s here and cross-posted at Anthony’s. Source code here (the source code style BTW evidencing engineering tidiness from which we should all take heed). I’m reporting here on one […]

Ryan O on the Cloudmasked Data

Following excellent notes transferred from a comment by Ryan O, who has been doing excellent analyses of the Steigian swamp.

AR4 Models and the Ross Sea

I noticed something interesting in AR4 about Antarctic models, that no one mentioned in the initial commentary on Steig et al. When Steig et al 2009 came out, commenters had some fun teasing the clergy over at realclimate over Spencer Weart’s article the prior year. Pielke Jr Lucia CA Speaking for myself, I went to […]