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Environmental Science & Technology Article

There’s a long article in Environmental Science & Technology about the proprietor of this blog (thanks to Dano for the reference) .

Some Random Walk Recipes

Chas. has sent in a recipe for showing random walks in Excel. These sorts of things are much, much easier in R (see for free download). I’ve posted up a little script below which generates random walks and ARMA(1,1) walks together with trend lines and t-statistics.

Category Added

For the several people who’ve asked that the autocorrelation comments be collected, I’ve added a Category labelled “Spurious” in the right sidebar. When I get some time, I will update the Categories as they are a useful way of keeping track of things.

Mosquitos, malaria and the IPCC "consensus"

This article was brought to my attention by Larry Huldén. It is a memorandum written by Professor Paul Reiter to the UK House of Lords on the widely disseminated idea promoted by the IPCC that climate change will produce increased ranges for mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. If people are in any […]

Bristlecone dC13

I’ve recently run across an article on changing water use efficiency in bristlecones, which pretty much put the nail in the coffin on any lingering ideas that 20th century bristlecone ring widths might be a temperature proxy. Tang et al. [1999], "The dC13 of tree rings in full-bark and strip-bark bristlecone pines in the White […]

Independent and Autocorrelated: Some Examples

I’ve been posting up on some fundamental articles on spurious regression, involving autocorrelated processes. Here are some illustrations of what different examples look like, with specific comment on a realclimate article.

Science Editorial

Science has recently weighed in with an editorial in which the editor of Science, Donald Kennedy, stated that he is “outraged” by the Barton Committee inquiring into processes for due diligence and disclosure in connection with science being applied for large-scale public policy. I thought that people might be interested in an account of my […]

Spurious Significance #4: Phillips [1986]

I will go approximately 50-50 for a while on posting statistical and non-statistical notes. Today’s another statistical note. It’s a bit technical, but some of the statistical findings from econometrics on autocorrelated series are highly applicable to climate and, while there is occasional citation of econometric literature in climate articles and occasional forays by econometricians […]

The 1992 Chavez Coup

The National Post has a big feature on Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, who’s much in the news as a result of a fatwa on him by Pat Robertson. This post has nothing to do with climate. I happened to be in Caracas during the Chavez coup attempt in 1992 and this is just a […]

Boston Globe on Ray Bradley

The Boston Globe has an interesting puff piece on Ray Bradley.