Monthly Archives: November 2005

Yang et al. [2003] #2

I’ve been re-visiting the various multiproxy studies with respect to scale and variability. In addition, as you know, one of my interests in these multiproxy studies is the non-robustness of MWP-modern levels to a very few non-independent proxies, used in multiple studies – in particular: bristlecones, Polar Urals and Thompson’s Himalayan dO18 series – each […]

To Young Parents

If any of you have young children and heavy unsecured television sets or the like, proceed immediately to ensure that they are completely secured or remove them. American Thanksgiving weekend has been very black here. On Sunday evening, our 2 year old grandson, a bright, handsome and active child with a mass of curly blond […]

Some Googles

Some of you may have noticed how surprisingly high climateaudit ranks in google searches in topics not obviously connected to us. I did a google on "full true plain disclosure press release" and, lo and behold, there was CA at the top of the list. Here are few other rankings.

von Storch Weighs In on Pielke's Challenge

Spence has drawn attention to Hans von Storch’s comment at Roger Peilke’s, giving his take on the hockey stick debate here: The debate about the hockeystick is techically not really relevant. We have achived our main goal, namely that the premature claims that the issue of millennial temperature reconstructions was mostly solved have been broadly […]

Trying to Replicate Moberg

I never quite got to presenting an attempt to replicate Moberg before. Here’s a try. I’m still a long way off from being able to replicate his results. It is so infuriating to have to try to do such an amount of detective work prior to even atempting any analysis. I presume that has been […]

Mann on Splices: the Case of Crowley and Lowery

Yesterday I waded through a demonstration of a fairly egregious splice of the instrumental record into Crowley’s reconstruction as used in Crowley [2000]. Today I consider the use of the Crowley reconstruction in spaghetti graphs and, in particular, Mann’s statement at realclimate that: No researchers in this field have ever, to our knowledge, "grafted the […]

Splices in Crowley and Lowery

Update: See continued discussion here. I’m working up some material for the AGU convention and re-visited some points in Crowley and Lowery [2000] which I’d not been able to figure out before. (One of Bruce McCullough’s strongest arguments for providing source code is that it reduces the cost of replication studies, since the replicator does […]

Principal Components applied to Red Noise

We’ve obviously spent quite a bit of time analyzing the effect of the weird and incorrect MBH principal components method on red noise series. We’ve not argued that doing the principal components calculation correctly necessarily results in a meaningful index, only that doing it incorrectly cannot result in a meaningful index. One thing that I […]

US Climate Change Science Program Workshop

The U.S. Climate Change Science Program Workshop was the first such workshop that I’d been to. Sometimes the anthropology is as interesting as anything else.

Archaeological Finds in Retreating Swiss Glacier

I will write up some notes on the U.S. Climate Change Science Workshop, but I’d like to post up some information on a couple of interesting reports in the past few days on archaeological discoveries in a receding glacier on a high Swiss pass towards Italy, sent in by a reader. Glacier retreat in the […]