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Dongge Cave

Dongge Cave is a very long speleothem in southeast China, which is held to provide evidence on changes in the Asian monsoon. It was most recently considered in Bao Yang et al (QSR 2007) in juxtaposition with the Dasuopu ice core, Oman speleothem S3 and the RC2730 Arabian Sea core showing G bulloides percentage. (This […]

A Second Look at USHCN Classification #2


Unthreaded #21

No discussion of CO2 measurements, thermodynamics, theory of radiation, etc. please – other than to identify interesting references – and something more than the title is usually helpful. How hard can that be? If anyone can identify a clear exposition of how 2xCO2 leads to 2.5 deg C, please do so. (I’m not taking any […]

Russian Bias

There has been much discussion on this site regarding the methodology employed by Dr. Hansen’s “Step 1”, also known as the “bias method” in HL87. Readers unfamiliar with the topic may want to read through the material here, here, and here to gain a better understanding of the method and issues raised with employing it. […]

YTD Hurricane Activity

Some of you have been noticing a tendency for almost any gust of wind in the Atlantic to now become a named storm. Given this tendency, more relevant metrics are obviously the number of hurricane-days (and the closely related ACE index) and the number of storm-days. I’ve scraped the data and done the YTD calculations, […]

Houston, We've Found Wellington NZ

As noted before, climateaudit readers have helped UCAR find the lost civilization of Chile and today, we are happy to report that we have helped NASA find the lost city of Wellington NZ. NASA’s records for Wellington NZ were mysteriously interrupted in 1988 – an interruption so severe that we assumed that Wellington NZ must […]


It’s true that TOB is pretty far from the topic of this thread, so perhaps our host could start a new one just on TOB, ideally copying into it the pertinent posts from this thread? I may have missed a few, but a good start would be #305, 376, 400, 402, 403, 413, 418, 419, […]

Hugues Goosse and the Unresponsiveness of Juckes

On Sep 21, 2007, Hugues Goosse, the Climate of the Past editor responsible for the Juckes article, published a statement saying that a revised version of the Juckes et al article had been submitted to “conventional” refereeing and accepted on Sept 21, 2007. He said: On the other hand, the authors disagree with one reviewer […]

Hansen Step 2 – First Thoughts

The source code for Hansen’s Step 2- the “urban adjustment” step is online. If anyone’s been able to operate the program through to Step 2, I’d be interested in some stage results for the stations discussed here. The verbal description is not clear and the code is a blizzard of old-fashioned Fortran subscripts, so it […]

Help NASA Find the Lost City of Wellington NZ

Last spring, we offered to help UCAR locate the mysterious lost civilization of Chile. I reported: If one goes to the ds570.0 location, (you may have to register), there is a map of the world which appears to be comprehensive (i.e. all known oceans and continents are displayed.) Above the map is the following […]