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Tiny Tim Storms

David Smith, a regular commenter on hurricanes, writes. Tiny Tim is a Charles Dickens character. Tiny was a young lad, small, very weak, in a struggle to survive and of little notice in the hustle-bustle streets of London. Later, of course, his fortunes improved and he and Scrooge became “part of the record” of Victorian […]

2007 Blown off track: Northern Hemisphere Historic Cyclone Inactivity

Ryan Maue writes in as follows (see also 2007 Tropical Cyclone Activity). As reported at Climate Audit at the end of October, the North Atlantic was not the only ocean seeing quiet tropical cyclone activity. When using the ACE cyclone energy scale, the Northern Hemisphere as a whole is historically inactive. How inactive? One has […]

Svalgaard Solar Theory

Lif Svalgaard writes (moved from another thread for convenience”) Line 1: The Total solar Irradiance (TSI) has several sources. The first and most important is simply the temperature in the photosphere. The hotter the sun, the higher the TSI. Some spectral lines are VERY sensitive to even minute changes in temperature. Livingston et al. has […]

CO2 Levels

Leif Svalgard writes: In 2006 less CO2 was added to the atmosphere than in 1983. In 1980 more CO2 was added to the atmosphere than in 2004. Why is that? I’m sure that the world’s human population has increased its output of CO2 significantly since the 1980s. Where did it go? Why does the growth […]

Unthreaded #26

Continuation of Unthreaded #25

Loehle Proxy MD95-2011

One of Loehle’s proxies – the one that ends in the 16th century – has occasioned some interest and I took some time to investigate it. It is an alkenone SST estimate from ocean sediment core MD95-2011 from the Norwegian Sea (66 58.19N, 07 38.36E and 1048 m). The series ends in the 16th century […]

Mann and Sabbatelli 2007

Mann connoisseurs eagerly await any offerings from the Maestro and, just as the Christmas season typically brings a new potboiler from John Grisham, so Christmas 2007 has brought us a new offering from the Maestro, this time on hurricanes. Readers will not disappointed.

ABC: Global warming puts fish stocks at risk

While trawling for high-resolution ocean sediment cores, I noticed an interesting core offshore Morocco, reported by McGregor et al (Science 2007) earlier this year. This study was released just prior to IPCC complete with press release. Can’t we all think back to a quieter time when a scientist having labored to produce a detailed analysis […]

Donnelly and Woodruff 2007

Richard T and I had an interesting discussion here about the bioturbation and coarse fractions in the Arabian Sea G Bulloides proxy that is very influential in Moberg and not used in Loehle (as it was not calibrated to temperature.) I had observed that the increase in G Bulloides percentage in the very top part […]

AGU Honors Nobel Peace Prize Winners

I received the following notice today: On Thursday, 13 December AGU will hold an event at the Fall Meeting to honor those AGU members who participated in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Winning the Nobel Peace Prize is a wonderful recognition of the importance of their hard work, and AGU would like to congratulate […]