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Steig 2009’s Non-Correction for Serial Correlation

In a story featured on the cover of Nature, Eric J. Steig, David P. Schneider, Scott D. Rutherford, Michael E. Mann, Josefino C. Comiso and Drew T. Shindell report to have found “significant warming” that “extends well beyond the Antarctic Peninsula to cover most of West Antarctica, an area of warming much larger than previously […]

More on Li, Nychka and Ammann

by Hu McCulloch A recent discussion of the 2007 Tellus paper by Bo Li, Douglas Nychka and Caspar Ammann, “The ‘hockey stick’ and the 1990s: a statistical perspective on reconstructing hemispheric temperatures,” at OSU by Emily Kang and Tao Shi has prompted me to revive the discussion of it with some new observations. A PDF […]

Equal Area Projections

Many climate studies use an equirectangular projection, in which lines of latitude and longitude are equally spaced, to graphically summarize data. An example is the following figure from Hansen et al 1988, discussed here recently under the topic Hansen and Hot Summers: John Goetz uses the same projection in his recent thread here, Historical Station […]