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RegEM Impact on Peninsula Correlations

There has been a good deal of discussion regarding the correlation between temperatures at various locations throughout Antarctica. Several people have looked at the relationship between correlation and distance by creating graphs linking the two. IMO, one of the difficulties in interpreting these is that they are affected by a variety of factors, including the […]

Steig Mystery (almost) Solved!

Thanks to some insight from Ryan O (#43), we have been able to make progress on the puzzle of where the values in the Steig paper came from. In fact, it now is quite apparent that Steig et al used the reconstructions based on the AVHHR satellite data rather than the ones based on the […]

Its a Mystery!

Ok, coffee break’s over, back on your heads! Let’s get back to business here… I like puzzles. They provide no end of intellectual entertainment – and there is a thrill with figuring out the solution, particularly if the solution is done in a particularly elegant fashion. A good source of puzzles seems to be climate […]

Deconstructing the Steig AWS Reconstruction

So how did Steig et al. calculate the AWS reconstruction? Since we don’t have either the satellite data or the exact path they followed using the RegEM Matlab files, we can’t say for sure how the results were obtained. However, using a little mathemagic, we can actually take the sequences apart and then calculate reconstructed […]

Climate Science behind Kidney Stones and Global Warming

A new study in PNAS links global warming with an increase in cases of nephrolithiasis. From one of the many press releases: UK Telegraph Researchers say that as temperatures rise, the driest parts of the US could see a 30 per cent increase in kidney stone disease…warmer temperatures could extend America’s existing “kidney stone belt”, […]

Consensus Report on North American Climate Extremes

NOAA has released a well-manicured and comprehensive report on observed and conjectured changes in North American weather and climate extremes. The Final Report of CCSP 2008 provides and up-to-date scientific collation of many peer-review studies along with a consensus interpretation like the UN IPCC AR4 reports. Some of the main findings are summarized in the […]

Earthquakes and global warming

Update [06/19] and other outlets have dropped the story from their Science headlines and have erased it. Nevertheless, we need to keep an eye on additional contributions from this influential researcher. It appears the Associated Press needs to do some explaining or at the very least some vetting of its science reporting.  Yet, it […]