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Another Oceanic MWP Proxy

I’ve been going through the literature and data on ocean sediments looking for proxies with high resolution in the Holocene – something that I discussed a few months ago. Kim et al 2004 and Lorenz et al 2006, two articles by the same group, discuss Holocene SST changes based on alkenones. Most of their proxies […]

Gulf of Mexico SST Proxy

Here’s an interesting SST proxy from the Gulf of Mexico that I meant to report on last October, but is actually more timely now given our recent discussion of hurricanes. When I corresponded with Lloyd Keigwin around the time of the Juckes submission, he mentioned a “beautiful” unpublished high resolution core from Poore in the […]

Warm Pool and the Arabian Sea

It’s a dangerous practice to let your eye get teased into visual comparisons, but I was struck by a comparison between the G Bulloides series from the Arabian Sea (which is an upwelling proxy) and Stott’s Warm Pool SST proxies.

The Team versus Stott et al 2004

The Team (at both realclimate and NOAA) have stated in the strongest possible terms that the Holocene Optimum was restricted to summer in the NH extratropics. Reviewing their positions, realclimate here The [Holocene Optimum] is a somewhat outdated term used to refer to a sub-interval of the Holocene period from 5000-7000 years ago during which […]

Lorenz et al 2006: “Tropical Cooling”

Despite the protestations of the Team, it seems to be a consensus of other paleoclimatologists that the Holocene Optimum was warmer at high southern latitudes. For now, I’ll take this as read, although it’s well worth canvassing the literature. Some citations are at ukweatherworld. The next line of Team attack on the Holocene Optimum is […]

The MWP in the Warm Pool

You may recall Hansen’s strange splice of modern instrumental records with a Mg/Ca SST proxy ending in 4320 BP based on a partially dissolved core.’ A couple of months ago, I mentioned a new paper by Newton et al (including L Stott) with a high Warm Pool MWP and briefly discussed Netwon’s presentation at AGU […]

Day Two at AGU

It is impossible to convey the overwhelming number of papers and presentations here. Through the week, my notes have invariably deteriorated. By the time you get home, they are unintelligible. I’ m going to diarize them a little — so I don’t forget totally and to share a bit of the experience. (And since CA […]

Juckes and the David Black Condemnation

I’ve written on several occasions about Juckes’ use of cold water G Bulloides as a supposed temperature proxy (following Moberg’s equally indefensible use of this proxy.) It has come to my attention that a leading specialist, David Black of the University of Akron, had already issued a scathing denunciation of Juckes’ use of G Bulloides […]

Domack on the Larsen 1-A Ice Shelf

Proxy attention seems to have migrated away from things like bristlecones (still waiting for Hughes’ 2002 Sheep Mountain update) to the Antarctic Peninsula ice shelves, with the major break-ups of the Larsen 1-A and 1-B ice shelves. An interesting illustration of NH-SH asymmetry is that the latitude of the Larsen 1-A ice shelf is 64 […]

Lallemand Fjord, Antarctica

In my search for high-resolution ocean sediment records, I stumbled across an interesting 1995 article by Domack et al (Domack of the Larsen Ice Shelf) discussing cores on the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula which were dated over the last 2000 years.