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The Register picks up the Yamal story

Just a quick interjection to note that the Yamal story has reached Andrew Orlowski of “The Register” under the title “Treemometers: a new scientific scandal“. [Steve: John A posted up this thread. I do not endorse everything in the article linked here. I also link to realclimate from time to time without agreeing with it. […]

YAD06 – the Most Influential Tree in the World

Obviously there’s been a lot of discussion in the last few days about the difference between the CRU 12 and the Schweingruber 34. In making such comparisons, it’s always a good idea to look at the data in detail – something that obviously should have been done by Briffa and the Team before the widespread […]

Verifying RCS Methodology

One reader asked whether my RCS results held up using “standard” software. There is no “standard” software for RCS. It is different than ARSTAN. Further, despite the use of Briffa’s RCS chronologies in many multiproxy studies, until the present data sets were archived, to my knowledge, there were no public examples where both a measurement […]

The Impact of Yamal on the Spaghetti Graph

We’ve been discussing Briffa and Yamal at CA for a couple of years and many, if not most, regular readers understand the significance of the Yamal collapse. For example, as recently as Sept 19, we were observing the dependence of the Kaufman reconstruction on the Yamal series. So the long-sought fresh information on Yamal (and […]

Yamal: A “Divergence” Problem

The second image below is, in my opinion, one of the most disquieting images ever presented at Climate Audit. Two posts ago, I observed that the number of cores used in the most recent portion of the Yamal archive at CRU was implausibly low. There were only 10 cores in 1990 versus 65 cores in […]

Rob Wilson and the Yamal Divergence

The archived information for Wilson et al 2007 contains interesting new information on an unpublished West Siberian series (Putorama, 70 31 N, 92 57E). In this case, I was actually able to obtain a better correlation to gridcell temperature than the one reported by Rob by using a gridcell closer to the actual location. This […]

The Euro Hockey Team and Yamal

Readers of this blog are familiar with the Yamal subsitution. Briefly, Briffa et al 1995 reported in Nature that 1032 was the coldest year of the millennium based on no more than 3 poorly dated and short cores in the 11th century. Subsequently new cores were dated to the 11th century by Schweingruber, resulting in […]

Polar Urals Spaghetti Graph

I’ve got to get back to the NAS presentation and this will be my last post on Polar Urals and Yamal for a while, but it is all quite delicious. Anyway, here is a spaghetti graph of 3 Polar Urals results – including the results from Esper et al [2002] just disclosed by Science, all […]

Polar Urals: Briffa versus Esper

It’s interesting that the Hockey Team seems to be able to make spaghetti graphs of world temperature history when they can’t even arrive at a spaghetti graph for the Polar Urals. I posted up the difference between Briffa’s Yamal substitution and the updated Polar Urals ring widths. But before either one, there was Briffa’s Polar […]

Polar Urals “Grass Plot”

Here’s another look at Polar Urals using a “grass plot” showing cumulative ring width for individual trees against time. The trees plotted in black are from the original archive (russ021) and the ones plotted in red are form the 1998 update (russ176). This gives a little different viewpoint on variance stabilization issues. First, one of […]