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MBH Responses to Barton Letters

There have been posted up at realclimate here. I’ll look at them today. “Public access” to Mann’s FTP site includes blocking: I (and my neighbors on my street who use the same internet server) continue to be blocked from access to Mann’s FTP site and I’ll have to go to another IP address to look […]

AAAS Letter

Alan Leshner, the CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Executive Publisher of Science, has written Rep. Barton objecting to the letters to Mann, Bradley and Hughes. The press release is here and the letter is online here. now

Conflict of Interest #2

In a previous post, I discussed, in general terms, the issue of the conflict of interest between being an IPCC reviewer and being an active protagonist in the field. Here I illustrate the problems with specific reference to MBH98, arguing that the running text of IPCC TAR made misleading claims about the MBH98 hockey stick […]

Conflict of Interest #1

One of the important issues raised in the House Committee Letters was the potential conflict of iinterest between individuals in their capacity as IPCC authors reviewing (and even promoting) their own research. Kevin Vranes, Roger Pielke and Hans von Storch in different ways at Prometheus have all discussed the problem, with a surprising degree of […]

Jacoby Archiving

Jacoby is a key player on the Hockey Team. Jacoby and d’Arrigo have received nearly $8 million from the National Science Foundation (collated from public NSF records)- see here ; in addition, they have received an undisclosed amount of funding from other public agencies (collated from publication references). As far as I’m concerned, US federal […]

Chronicle on Barton Letters

The Chronicle of Higher Education posted on July 1, 2005 here has some comments on the Barton Letters and on me.

Blogs on Barton Letters

The Barton letters have occasioned an active debate in blogworld. Here are some links to some of the more active discussions. I’ll add others as they come to my attention as well as some blog comments without chats. Some of the links have a list of outbound topical links as well.

House of Representatives Committee

Several people have drawn attention to letters from the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee to Mann, Bradley, Hughes, the director of the U.S. National Science Foundation and the chairman of the IPCC, which were posted up at the Committee website on Friday here. The letters refer to the Wall Street Journal [this […]

Data Policy #1: U.S. Global Change Research Program

I have sometimes been asked why I don’t start a FOI action with respect to source code and source data from the various multiproxy authors. I don’t preclude the possibility totally. However, my first inclination has been to attempt first to obtain the data and code from the authors through a direct and polite request, […]