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News and views on the NAS Panel 2006 chaired by Gerald North

NAS Ice Core – Dasuopu

If you look at Chapter 6 of NAS, you’ll see heavy reliance on Thompson’s tropical ice cores. There’s much to consider here and this is a very first look. Here’s an interesting statement: "A quantitative assessment of temperature change from north Tibetan cores [Dunde and Guliya], using typical [whatver that is in tropical ice cores] […]

VZG Statement on NAS Panel

Von Storch, Zorita and Gonzalez-Raucen have issued the following statement on the NAS Panel Report:

NAS Panel Report

The early rumors on the NAS Panel was that it was “two handed” -on the one hand,…, on the other hand, … with something for everyone. I’d characterize it more as schizophrenic. It’s got two completely distinct personalities. On the one hand, they pretty much concede that every criticism of MBH is correct. They disown […]

NAS Panel – What I'll Be Looking For

The NAS Panel is scheduled to issue its report, "Surface Temperature Reconstructions for the Last 2,000 Years" at 11 a.m. on Thursday. I suspect that many people would expect me to be worried about what the panel will say. Actually, I’m not worried in the slightest. Based on presentations to the panel, NAS is in […]

BBC Radio: Overselling Climate Change

On Thursday, April 20, the BBC has a show on Overselling Climate Change. BBC radio attended the NAS Panel and taped lengthy portions of it, as well as interviewing me, Hughes and others. It will be interesting to get their take on it. The title of the show seems pretty unusual in a BBC context. […]

Supplementary Comments to NAS Panel

We sent in the following two supplementary comments to the NAS Panel, one commenting on answers provided by Mann subsequent to our presentation and noting up points related to the revisions of Wahl and Ammann [2006] and rejection of the Ammann and Wahl submission to GRL here and the other responding to a question from […]

A Slight Change to NAS Panel Terms of Reference

Readers may recall the consternation of the NAS Panel when von Storch (and ourselves) started presenting answers to some of Boehlert’s questions. I received notice today from NAS that: You might also notice that there have a been a few minor changes to the Committee’s Statement of Task.

Mann at the NAS Panel

This post got deleted in the server crash. I typically post up from written text, but usually do a final edit as I input onto the blog, so the present note will probably differ a little from what I posted up yesterday, but probably not materially. Mann did not present anything germane that had not […]

Cook et al[2004]: More Cargo Cult?

Reader Bart S. has argued that Cook et al [QSR 2004] disposed of the "Divergence Problem", the name applied at the NAS panel on March 2-3, 2006 for the problem that, if the proxies do not record late 20th century warming, how can we be sure that they recorded potential earlier warming in the MWP. […]

M&M at the NAS Panel

Back to reporting on our presentation to the NAS panel, after which I’ll report on Mann. We presented last in the day, immediately following von Storch. Hughes and Mann presented on Friday morning. We gave them a long written presentation, and touched the high points in our PPT, also providing them with a CD of […]