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Another R-Script for a Zip File (NOAA)

I’m posting up another script for unzipping a file in R (in part so that I can keep track of this things as well.) I’m trying to figure out how to download the Australian data in R and reviewing some prior successful efforts (which have relied on Nicholas). Here is how one can get at […]

Some Gridcell and Station Utilities

I’ve posted up a collection of functions to read from various gridcell and station archives into organized time series objects here. Read functions are included for HadCRUT3, HAdCRUT2, GISS gridded, GHCN v2, GISS station, GSN,, unaami and G02141. I’ll probably add to this from time to time now that I’ve figured out an organization […]

Reading GISS Station Data

GISS has a large collection of station data, both adjusted and unadjusted. Unlike many data archives, GISS do not permit you to either extract the entire data set from a single archive or from permanent individual files. You can obtain digital data for individual stations, but you have to go through a laborious process of […]

Reading Data

There is an interesting collection of data from 223 Russian stations here mentioned by both Jerry Brennan and myself. These 223 stations are precisely the same as the 223 stations in CDIAC’s NDP048, conveniently listed here . CDIAC NDP-048 includes an extensive discussion of station history. The versions at typically go to 1995, while […]

Counting Ragged Arrays in R

One of the common operations in the types of analyses done here is simply counting things. I am constantly amazed by the tremendous productivity of the tapply function in R – I use it over and over – for producing interesting results at warp speed. There’s nothing particularly novel in how I use it, but […]