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UK Met Office: Refuse and Delete

A couple of week ago, I noticed that the UK Met Office website contained the following statement Q. Where can I get the raw observations? A. The raw sea-surface temperature observations used to create HadSST2 are taken from ICOADS (International Comprehensive Ocean Atmosphere Data Set). These can be found at To obtain the archive […]

Another Try on the Wall

CA readers are well aware that Phil Jones of CRU has jealously refused to provide the surface temperature data set used in the prominent HadCRU temperature index, going so far as to repudiate Freedom of Information requests. Efforts to obtain this data have been chronicled here from time to time. As a result of the […]

Tropical Troposphere – March 2009

Lucia, Anthony, Roy Spencer and David Stockwell (my, there’s a growing list of analytical blogs) have already posted on March 2009 temperatures and trends. While I’m not first off the mark on this, I’ll be the first to post tropical trends – something that I do from time to time. (This requires a little bit […]

Emulating CRUTem Graphics

Because of the puzzles in trying to replicate the NOAA graphic from archived data, I’ve also tried to replicate the HadCRU plots from archived data. Hu McCulloch has criticized the highly inappropriate use of Mercator projections by climate scientists and, as an exercise, I figured out a fairly simple method of plotting these results in […]

CRUTEM and HadCRU October 2008

Released today on the promised schedule are CRUTEM3 and HadCRUT3 for October 2008. October 2008 was in the top 8 crutem3 (0.517 deg C)and in the top 6 hadcru3 (0.440 deg C) Octobers. Because our collective eyes right now are fairly attuned to the colors of these grids and how changes in individual stations affect […]

A First Look at the CRU Station List

On Sept 28, 2006, Willis Eschenbach sent an FOI for CRU station data. A year later, after many letters, we still do not have the CRU data as used, but do have a list of stations used, a list which is slightly shorter (4138) than the 4349 stations said to have been used in Brohan […]

CRU Reveals Station Identities

Willis Eschenbach received a message today that the CRU list of stations used is online at . The webpage says: The file gives the locations and names of the 4138 stations used at some time (i.e. in the gridding that is used to produce CRUTEM3) during the period from 1851 to 2006. All these […]

Gridcell 47.5N 97.5E: Mongolia

Here’s another gridcell where CRU has truncated high early values. This is the gridcell that contains the important Jacoby Mongolian tree ring series. If untruncated gridcell information is used, then the ring width chronology has a negative correlation to gridcell temperature. What a swamp.

We Have 25 Years Invested in This Work…

Some of you may recall the memorable climate science phrase: We have 25 or so years invested in the work. Why should I make the data available to you, when your aim is to try and find something wrong with it. Here’s the story behind this and some updates on it.