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NASA Follows CA Recommendation

On Feb 20, 2008, I wrote a post reviewing the provenance of various versions of an individual USHCN station (Lampasas), observing that a much more recent version was available at NOAA than at CDIAC) (the source used by NASA. I made the following recommendation: Regardless of whether these station histories “matter”, surely there’s no harm […]

Hansen Step 2 – First Thoughts

The source code for Hansen’s Step 2- the “urban adjustment” step is online. If anyone’s been able to operate the program through to Step 2, I’d be interested in some stage results for the stations discussed here. The verbal description is not clear and the code is a blizzard of old-fashioned Fortran subscripts, so it […]

Hansen Step 1

Hansen “Step 1” which was the source of the August crossword puzzles does not occur in a crossword puzzle form in the USHCN stations that we’ve been discussing this week. The “Hansen bias” in combining scribal versions, noticed by John Goetz, does not occur in USHCN stations for two separate reasons: (1) in the USHCN […]

The Bias Method's Perfect Siberian Storm

I have been spending some time (my wife would say “too much time”) examining how the Hansen Bias Method influences the temperature record. We have already observed that the Hansen method introduces an error in cases where the different versions are merely scribal variations. See and discussion. The cause of the error has also […]

Hansen's Station Lists

The section of Hansen’s code that we’d been looking at immediately prior to the dump of relatively unannotated code was how Hansen combined scribal versions of different stations in a 2-column case – which looks to contain a material error already discussed without the benefit of source code and which is going to be examined […]

Does Hansen’s Error “Matter”?

There’s been quite a bit of publicity about Hansen’s Y2K error and the change in the U.S. leaderboard (by which 1934 is the new warmest U.S. year) in the right-wing blogosphere. In contrast, realclimate has dismissed it a triviality and the climate blogosphere is doing its best to ignore the matter entirely. My own view […]