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A Mole

OK, folks, guess what. I’m now in possession of a CRU version giving data for every station in their station list . In their refusal letter, the Met Office described adverse consequences of disclosing CRU station data, an event that apparently would let loose the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Met Office stated: Some […]

CRU – Then and Now

In respect to the alleged CRU confidentiality agreements (which look increasingly fictitious), Jean S made the interesting observation that CRU archived station in the 1980s and early 1990s at CDIAC (ndp020) and that the alleged CRU confidentiality agreements, for some reason, did not interfere with that data being archived. Interestingly, I happen to have a […]

CRU Refuses Data Once Again

Let me review the request situation for readers. There are two institutions involved in the present round of FOI/EIR requests: CRU and the Met Office. Phil Jones of CRU collects station data and sends his “value added” version to the Met Office, who publish the HadCRU combined land-and-ocean index and also distribute the CRUTEM series […]

UK Met Office Refuses to Disclose Station Data Once Again

It must be humiliating for the UK Met Office to have to protect Phil Jones and CRU. Even a seasoned bureaucrat must have winced in order to write the following: Some of the information was provided to Professor Jones on the strict understanding by the data providers that this station data must not be publicly […]

HadCRU Sept 1850

For some reason, the main HadCRU global data set is missing September 1850. I noticed this when the plot came up one month short. I wonder why this month went AWOL.

Christy et al 2009: Surface Temperature Variations in East Africa

Christy et al (J Clim 2009), Surface Temperature Variations in East Africa and Possible Causes, is a really excellent article that will interest many readers interested in surface temperature data sets. It’s interesting on a number of counts, not all of which I have time to summarize today. It is a detailed study of station […]

June 2009 and the Big Red Spot

NOAA is first of the three main indices to be off the mark with June 2009 at 0.617 deg C, bouncing off the relatively low values of 2008. Given that the data is essentially common to HadISST, this is unsurprising. The difference between RSS and NOAA/HadCRU values is interesting in terms of the Big Red […]

HadISST- June 2009 Values

Lucia reported on HadSST June 2009 values, which are out quickly and are surprisingly high given seemingly low RSS values. Lucia: it looks like the HadSST’s temperature anomalies may finally break their all time high temperature anomalies. The June anomaly of 0.50 C is a big jump up from 0.355C for May: The preliminary June […]

Orland CA and the New Adjustments

In my last post, I observed that NOAA’s Talking Points applied their new “adjustments” to supposedly prove that NOAA’s negligent administration of the USHCN network did not “matter”. In order to illustrate the effect of the new methods in this post, I’ll compare the new adjustments (post-TOBS) to the old adjustments (post-TOBS) on a “good” […]

The Talking Points Memo

The NOAA Talking Points memo falls well short of a “full, true and plain disclosure” standard – aside from the failure to appropriately credit Watts (2009). They presented the following graphic that purported to show that NOAA’s negligent administration of the USHCN station network did not “matter”, describing the stations as follows: Two national time […]