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Phil Jones: the Secret Agent in Hawaii

As CA readers know, Phil Jones keeps his CRU data secret. Embarrassingly, the UK Met Office relies on this secret data and says that it is unable to provide this supporting data for the most relied upon temperature data set in the world. Their statements in response to FOI requests as to what they actually […]

The UK Met Office Deepens The Moat

Deepening moats has been a lively topic in UK politics recently. One British MP expensed the public for the cost of deepening the moat at his castle and has been forced to resign. We discussed FOI and the MP expense scandal recently. We have, of course, followed with some considerable amusement the contortions of the […]

Why the difference?

Here is a puzzling comparison of two zonal averages from Phil Jones’ CRUTEM3 gridded land data. Red shows the average from 20S to 20N and black shows the average of the 20-30S band (both N and S). These are calculated from gridded data at I did this comparison because I noticed a difference between […]

Revisiting Detroit Lakes

Some long time Climate Audit readers may remember this famous picture of the USHCN climate station of record in Detroit Lakes, MN. This is what I wrote on July 26th, 2007 about it in: How Not to Measure Temperature, Part 25 This picture, taken by volunteer Don Kostuch is the Detroit Lakes, MN USHCN climate […]

GISS Gridded and Zonal Data

Last week, I wanted to determine what GISS’ tropical land-and-ocean time series was. This did not prove as easy as it sounds. Nothing in GISS is intrinsically complicated – it;s all just averaging and smoothing and adjusting. But the code is written as though the whole thing were being done on a Commodore 64 with […]

UK Met Office: Refuse and Delete

A couple of week ago, I noticed that the UK Met Office website contained the following statement Q. Where can I get the raw observations? A. The raw sea-surface temperature observations used to create HadSST2 are taken from ICOADS (International Comprehensive Ocean Atmosphere Data Set). These can be found at To obtain the archive […]

Bob Tisdale on SST

A shout out for Bob Tisdale’s blog here. Bob cross-posts at Anthony’s from time to time. At his own blog, he’s done a number of excellent analyses of SST data sets. On many occasions, I’ve observed that critical analysis of the temperature record has spent a disproportionate amount of attention on land data sets relative […]

Another Try on the Wall

CA readers are well aware that Phil Jones of CRU has jealously refused to provide the surface temperature data set used in the prominent HadCRU temperature index, going so far as to repudiate Freedom of Information requests. Efforts to obtain this data have been chronicled here from time to time. As a result of the […]

"Explaining" a Positive NAO

Trouet et 2009 posit a positive NAO as the “explanation” of the Medieval Climate Anomaly, pausing only briefly to ask what might have caused a centuries long (“temporally pervasive”) positive NAO, falling back on an arm-waving attribution to a stronger Atlantic meridional overturning circulation: The persistently strong winter MCA NAO and its weakening during the […]

Tropical Troposphere – March 2009

Lucia, Anthony, Roy Spencer and David Stockwell (my, there’s a growing list of analytical blogs) have already posted on March 2009 temperatures and trends. While I’m not first off the mark on this, I’ll be the first to post tropical trends – something that I do from time to time. (This requires a little bit […]