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New Light on Acton’s Trick

The Guardian’s story on Oxburgh’s testimony (James Randerson here) is headlined: Oxburgh: UEA vice-chancellor was wrong to tell MPs he would investigate climate research and sub-headlined: Edward Acton gave ‘inaccurate’ information to MPs by telling them the university would reassess key scientific papers following the UEA climate emails controversy. And indeed, this is one of […]

Opening Night Reviews in the UK Press

Richard Drake sent in an interesting selection of opening night reviews for the Parliamentary Inquiry from UK parliamentary reporters, most of whom seem to be new to the climate wars and offering a relatively fresh perspective. Here are some excerpts as a teaser – the originals are accessible and recommended. Quentin Letts in the Daily […]

“Hard to Imagine More Cogent Prima Facie Evidence”

Another East Anglia misadventure yesterday, this one about the written testimony of Sir Edward Acton (VC, U of East Anglia) to the UK Parliamentary Inquiry about a recent response by the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) to apparent but time-barred FOI violations. Acton decided that a trick was a “good way” to deal with the problem […]